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Författare Ämne: Help! with finding Carl W. Peterson  (läst 587 gånger)

2000-05-03, 05:14
läst 587 gånger

Utloggad David Peterson

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I need help in locating information about my Great Grandfather Carl W. Peterson, born 1842-01-14 in Linköping. He emmigrated to America in 1878. His parents were Johannes Peterson and Sara L. Nelson. I have no Idea what parish he was born in. Nor do I know the exact date on which he left Sweden. In 1879 He married a Swedish girl in Galva Illinois. I don't know if he came to America alone or if he traveled with someone. While applying for citizenship he changed his name from Carl to Charles, which I understand was common practice. This is only a possibility but  he may have been from Ulriceham, but I don't know that for sure.  I would like to someday find his living relatives there in Sweden. If anyone can help me please send me an E-Mail.
Tack sa myket
David Peterson

2001-04-21, 21:11
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Utloggad Judy Olson Baouab

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You said that Carl (probably Karl) was born in Linköping. That is the parish.It seems that there are several parishes with Linköpings as part of the name, but that is a lot less to check than the several thousand or so parishes in the whole of Sweden. These are all in Östergötland län (county).
058033 Linköpings Berga  
058001 Linköpings domkyrkoförsamling  
058034 Linköpings Johannelund  
058002 Linköpings Sankt Lars  
These are the parishes of Östergötland county.
These parish records can be borrowed at any LDS Family History Center for $3.25 per microfilm for a month's rental.
Good luck!

2001-04-21, 22:58
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Utloggad Jöran Johansson

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  • Senast inloggad: 2016-11-08, 16:57
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The time in question there were two parishes:
Linköping, now Linköpings Domkyrkoförsamling, and S:t Lars, now Linköpings S:t Lars. The other parishes Judy mentioned have been separated from those two in the 1970-80's.  
If it's said that C.W.Peterson was born in Linköping it would most probably have been in what now is Linköpings Domkyrkoförsamling.
Jöran Johansson

2001-04-22, 00:46
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Utloggad Mats Högberg

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  • Senast inloggad: 2022-12-07, 22:30
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There is no person with a similar name and birthdate, born nor living in any of the parishes in the area of Linköping. (all parishes available in Demografiska Databasen checked, including Linköping, St. Lars etc.) There are few parishes missing in this database so he could still be from the area, as from Törnevalla etc.
Are you sure about the exact birthdate?
Regards - Mats Högberg

2001-04-22, 01:03
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Utloggad Mats Högberg

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  • Senast inloggad: 2022-12-07, 22:30
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Hi again!
I find one Carl Johan Wilhelm Petersson who was born 1842-01-30. He left for North America in 1868 and was probably born in Ulrika parish from where he came first to Vikingstad in 1852, then to Vist in 1862 and finally to Linköping in 1864.
Could this be your relative even if he left for North America 10 years before your record?  Of course, we don't know how long time it took him to go there but 10 years seems a long time, but it is possible that he stayed somewhere else before he finally emigrated. I can only see that this person left Linköping in 1868 and that he informed that his destination was North America.
Another strange thing with this person is that he was called Carl Johan Wilhelm Johansson before he came to Linköping and after this Carl Johan Wilhelm Petersson. He stayed for some years in Vikingstad parish after he came from Ulrika and before Linköping.
Can you have interpreted Ulrika parish as Ulricehamn?
Regards - Mats Högberg

2004-02-13, 21:13
Svar #5


I am very sorry for not responing to your posts form some time ago.  Judy Baouab, Jöran Johansson,and Mats Högberg. I have been ill for some time and havent been able to respond before this. Thanks to all of you for your responses. To Mats,  Ulrika is the place that I had most thought that Carl was from. I found Ulricehamn on the map so I thought just maybe, since no one else before you had been able to find him in Ulricka. I like your way of thinging! And yes I suppose it is possible that he left the 10 years previously.So now if I could somehow connect him to Johannes Peterson and Sara L. Nelson (his parents) then I would know for sure if This is my Carl.
Tack sa myket  
David Peterson

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