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Innehållet i inläggen på Anbytarforum omfattas inte av utgivningsbeviset för

Rules and Regulations of Anbytarforum & Privacy Policy


Rules and Regulations

Decided by the board 2011-09-25

What am I allowed to write?

§1 The topic of Anbytarforum is genealogy.
§2 The purpose of your messages in the forum shall always be exchange of thoughts, ideas and information among genealogists. The messages must not contain any advertisements, calls or propaganda.
§3 You may only post information or data about deceased persons. Avoid posting information that can violate living persons. Do not post other people's e-mail addresses or contact information.
§4 The preferred language is Swedish, but Norwegian, Danish and English may also be used in the discussions.
§5 Always write your answer in Anbytarforum. However, if the information is sensitive or extensive, a contact through private e-mail is preferred.
§6 Do not post the same message under several topics. Minimize the number of posts and try to keep each post short. Never post the same message or refer to an earlier message several times.
§7 You are responsible for your messages and you cannot request deletion or changes of a message afterwards (See addition in the Privacy Policy section 7 "The right to be forgotten" GDPR 2018-05-25).
§8 Always give source references, both when you are asking and replying to questions.
§9 Do not write whole words or sentences with capital letters in the messages.
§10 Keep a nice and polite tone in your contacts with other users of the forum. Personal attacks are not allowed!
- There is a host of Anbytarforum and several moderators providing help to the users. They can answer questions and give tips and advices, move messages etc.

Personal responsibility for your account and profile

- Your profile have to be updated with your correct first- and surname and e-mail address. Accounts with incorrect information can temporarily be closed until the user has given the correct information. Your personal data in the profile must be correct and you may not delete them after your account has been approved. (See addition in the Privacy Policy section 7 "The right to be forgotten" GDPR 2018-05-25). (Revised 3/10-19) The profile must not contain any offensive material or advertisements.
- Your account can be closed if you do not follow these rules, violate any copyright or behave delinquent or disagreeable in the forum. Warnings will be distributed by the host or moderators of Anbytarforum.

Privacy policy


1. Collecting personal data

We collect data when you register on our website, when you log in or out and when you send a message through our forms. The collected data includes:

- E-mail
- First- and surname (Revised 3/10-19)
- IP-address

We use cookies

The forum uses cookies to enable you to log in and collect statistics on how visitors use the website. Our use of cookies is not linked to personally identifiable information on our website.

The tool Matomo is used to collect user data, which is necessary for us to be able to develop our website and our services.

Scripts and cookies created by Matomo:

_pk_id.*- Used to identify the browser in Matomo. Lifespan 13 months
_pk_ses.* - Used to identify session in the browser in Matomo. Lifespan 30 min
matomo.js - Used to track analytics statistics for Matomo. Lifespan 13 months

The data collected in Matomo is anonymized so that you can never identify a single individual. Data collected in Matomo is saved on The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies' servers located in Sweden.

You can view and change your cookie settings here

2. Use of information

The data we collect about you is used to:

- Enable you to log in
- Contact you through e-mail

3. Security measures

We do not sell, exchange, transfer or share your personal data to other party without your consent. Only employees working directly with the personal data has access. We use SSL Certificates to enhance the security of our website and services. The servers that store personal information are kept in a secure enviroment.

4. Data shared with third parties

The forum is hosted by Glesys. We have a Personal Data Assistance Agreement with Glesys to ensure that personal information hosted by Glesys never will be used for any other purpose than stated in the Privacy Policy.

5. How long do we keep personal data

Personal data is saved during the time you have an ongoing user relationship with the forum.

6. Request personal data

As a registered user in our forum you can request an excerp of your data. Contact for more details.

7. Right to be forgotten

Registered users in our forum can ask to delete their account. Please note that your posts will not automatically be deleted with the account. Your posts are a part of a bigger discussion and deleting one part of a discussion will ruin the whole discussion. We therefore offer anonymization of your posts instead. Contact for more details.

8. Consent

By registering an account in our forum you consent with our Rules and Regulations & Privacy Policy.