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Författare Ämne: Joseph Edward Burgeson b.1861 Sweden d.1908Chicago,Il.  (läst 109 gånger)

2003-11-28, 20:52
läst 109 gånger

Joanne L. Bellon

1900 Chicago, Il. census places Joseph Edward Burgeson living with wife and son Joseph Jr., and a brother Fredrick. Joseph emigrated with family in 1869 and was naturalized.  1890 Chicago voters registration lists Joseph as living in the state for 3 years at that time.  There is also a city directory for Kansas City Mo. listing Joseph E. Burgeson in 1889-90.  Cannot find where this family lived between 1869-1890.  Burgeson name was derived from Swedish name supposedly containing the letters eij.  Would really appreciate any help or direction or just a response to let me know if I am at a complete dead end.  Thanks in advance  JB

2003-11-28, 22:16
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Joanne L. Bellon

The 1900 census shows my gfather emigrated from Sweden in 1869 @ age 8 yrs, with brother and family.  I cannot find record of this family between the years of 1869-1900, and have been told the name originally contained the letters iej, but was anglicanized.  What does Burgeson mean, and  is there another spelling  that would apply.  I am now wondering if the name change occured with my grandfather and not his parents.  
The 1900 census also shows he was naturalized.  
Thanks for any insight into this mystery.

2003-11-28, 22:58
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Utloggad Elisabeth Thorsell

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The name in Sweden was probably Börjesson, which means son of Börje, a patronymic name. Börje is a common first name for boys.
Do you have any information on the names of his brother and father? Have you found the family in the 1880 Census? Do you know if they belonged to a local Swedish American church? Any obituaries?
Have you read the information available at Swedish Roots?

2003-11-29, 07:29
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Utloggad Ted Rosvall

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In the EMIBAS database of Swedish emigrants I find the following family emigrating from Gräsås in Älvsbacka parish to the US 1869 May.10.;
JOHANNES BÖRGESSON *1820 July 6 at Övre Ullerud parish
wife/ Anna Maria Jansdotter *1823 May.10. Älvsbacka parish
son/ Jan August *1854 Jan.16. Älvsbacka parish
dau/ Christina Mathilda *1859 Aug.31. Älvsbacka parish
s/ LARS JOHAN *1861 Nov.8. Älvsbacka parish
s/ FREDRIK *1866 Sep.15. Älvsbacka parish
This is certainly the right family, even though Joseph Edward for some reason is listed as Lars Johan. This may be a mistake on the part of the person copying this information from the church record at Älvsbacka, or Joseph Edward may for some reason have decided to change his name. The birth months for both him and his brother Fredrik  
do match the information in the 1900 IL Census.
Gräsås is the name of the farm or village in Älvsbacka parish where the family resided at the time of its emigration. Älvsbacka is located within the province of Värmland (north of Lake Vänern)
Best wishes

2003-12-03, 19:44
Svar #4

Joanne Bellon

Thank you so much Ted Rosvall for the info on my Burgeson ancestors.  I am so thrilled to find a direction to search further.  Thanks again for making my day.

2003-12-03, 22:39
Svar #5

Joanne L. Bellon

Thank you Elizabeth for your response to my query  re Joseph Burgeson.  I am going to check the info at Swedish Roots. Joanne




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