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Författare Ämne: Emigrant CD, Enholm  (läst 506 gånger)

2003-09-08, 04:42
läst 506 gånger


Hi. I am wondering if anyone could find out if these siblings were emigrants from Sweden to the US.
census 1900:  
Home parish: Piteå stadsförsamling  
Domicile: Hyresgäster  
County: Norrbotten  
Hulda Augusta f. 1891 in Älvsby, Norrbotten  
Ellen Maria f. 1892 in Piteå landsförsamling  
Signe Margareta f. 1895 in Piteå landsförs.  
John Gunnar f. 1896 in Piteå landsförs.  
Ebba Viktoria f. 1898 in Piteå stadsförs.  
David August f. 1899 in Piteå stadsförs
Very grateful for any help. -Jen

2003-09-08, 06:52
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Utloggad Eva Dahlberg

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the cd Emigranten doesn't cover all emigrants but I found the following:
David August Enholm, age 29, left Piteå on 25 July 1928, from the port of Gothenburg (Göteborg) ticket for New York.
Frans Sigfrid Enholm, age 30, left Överluleå (note F - from or born? - Piteå), from port of Göteborg ticket for Quebec, on 20 September 1924.
Frida Enholm, age 30, from Överluleå, left from port of Göteborg ticket for Hoquiam, on 25 August 1925.
PS. Full name is appreciated, and more information on Swedish research is found for example here Swedish Roots

2003-09-08, 06:56
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Utloggad Eva Dahlberg

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Now I see that you already received some of this information here Anbytarforum: Discussions in English: Emigrants: Sigfried Frans Enholm in Pitea , landsforsamling for two of the three I found - it's appreciated not to put too many different questions on the same persons, but to try to keep your information and your questions together. Telling on your other requests under the parishes that you already know dates of emigration for Frans Sigfrid (and wife) and David August, prevents a second & third lookup on them . Relatives in Sweden may also appreciate facts on their fate as emigrants.
Judy has the English version of the cd which allows cut and paste.

2003-09-08, 07:47
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Eva, thankyou very much. I left out Frans and Frida because I had recieved there information, but I should have stated that. Sorry for that. I wondered afterwards if his siblings had emigrated also.
You said relatives in Sweden may appreciate facts on emigrated relatives. I have thought this too, but have not yet found any living relatives because of the privacy protection of living descendants. If you have any tips on finding living relatives, that would be great. Are there boards (in English) where Swedes post to find out about relatives in the US?
thankyou again. -Jen

2003-09-08, 08:08
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Utloggad Eva Dahlberg

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Hi Jen, I thought of distant relatives, like descendants of cousins or second cousins rather than direct descendants, or whoever may be researching these families in Sweden (trying to locate all emigrants from a town for example).  
I didn't mean to imply you should post information about living people, and forgive me if I'm wrong, but you don't even mention where they end up in North America (the continent), do you? What you already know may help someone else. I research quite a lot in neighbouring parishes, east of Överluleå, and maybe the genealogical society would appreciate a note in their paper about the fate of emigrants from their area (no web page, but e-mail, Boden-Överluleå ForskarFörening, or for Piteå, Pitebygdens forskarförening ).
Swedes post for example on message boards of RootsWeb, Ancestry, ( and here - to see if someone closely or distantly related knows more.
Also if you check out Swedish Roots there is information of the new EmigrantForum, we try to connect or reconnect all migrants to and from Sweden.
The church books are available on loan to sometime before 1932 (70 years of privacy act, but also depending on cut date of the church book). To find more about these relatives, death dates of the parents, their living heirs and their whereabouts at that time (through the estate inventory (=bouppteckning)), check with the regional archives in Härnösand, .
PS. Sorry, when checking one of your posts again, I see Aberdeen, Washington, as place of death for Frans Sigfrid, so you did provide that information.
Värnamo you'll find listed under Småland, as Anbytarforum uses provinces in stead of counties, Jönköping county is one of three counties in the province of Småland. However, the records where destroyed in a fire at the vicarage (?) in the mid 1800s, so it might be difficult to follow that line - but if he had siblings they should be possible to trace.

2003-09-08, 17:31
Svar #5

Utloggad Judy Olson Baouab

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Hi Jen,
Eva has already discussed finding some distant relatives but there is a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section on the Swenson Center site. (If you haven't yet checked the Swenson Center site to see the materials they possess, be sure to do so. Their records aren't online but they are extensive and those records have solved many problems for me and have helped me flesh out the scanty information I had on our family during the late 1800s and early 1900s.)
The first FAQ discusses some methods of finding living relatives.

2003-09-08, 20:27
Svar #6


Hi Eva and Judy. Once again, excellent information, thankyou. I will send information to the genealogical societies.
  As far as,, etc. there are boards for the surname Enholm, but literally less than 10 posts ever posted,with no apparent connections to each other. Enholm is not a common name (comparitively) in the US. I didn't know they had boards for Sweden on these sites. I am new to genealogy research.
 My husband is an Enholm. The only information we had was that his grandfather was from Piteå, named Sigfried and married to Frida. We located my husbands uncle, who only knew that Frida was from Boden, and the year Sigfried and Frida came to the US. Luckily I found a family tree (not an Enholm tree) that listed Sigfried and Frida with birth and death dates and the term Pitea landsforsamling,and the rest was marked private. I know Sigfried died in Aberdeen,WA, and am still putting together the info on his children (I still am not sure how many children he had) and grandchildren in the US.
  So all of the information I have received has been from this site, and it is a wealth of information to me. Until a few days ago I did not know about the Family History Center, or SVAR, etc.  My own family lines i have been able to gather mostly from living relatives and family trees. So it has been very engaging and enjoyable to learn how to research a family in Sweden- and I will gladly help anyone who I could assist with what I've learned so far.
Thankyou again, Jen

2003-09-10, 06:59
Svar #7

Utloggad Eva Dahlberg

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Jen, as this thread was used to give some general information also, I thought I'd give you a few other hints for further studies (cut and paste).
* the English pages of this e-zine Swedish Roots.
* The book Cradled in Sweden which is available in the US through Everton publishers
* Guide to tracing your Swedish roots (pdf document from The General Consulate of Sweden in New York/Swedish Information Service)
* The guide to research in Sweden from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the mormons) - that run the Family History Centers -
Research outline Sweden  
(aslo available as a pdf version)
* Web pages  
some background:
a wealth of information on among other things history, maps, military etc etc
Good luck!

2003-09-11, 20:51
Svar #8

Inga-Britt Enholm

Dear Jean!
My name is Inga-Britt Enholm and i?m also married to an Enholm. We live in Älvsbyn (elfsbyn) in the north of Sweden. My husbands father was the youngest brother of Sigfried. I would be really happy to have contact with you.

2003-09-14, 04:37
Svar #9

Jen Coole-Enholm

Hi Inga! So sorry I didn't see your message earlier. How great to hear from an Enholm in Sweden! I will email you shortly.
Best Regards,

2003-09-18, 11:21
Svar #10

Utloggad Lena Jönsson

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To Jen,
Hi I\m one of the living relatives of Enholm. My grandmothers mother was Hulda Enholm.I would very much like to hear from the American relatives.
I live in the south of Sweden, far from Piteå.
Please write,
regards from Lena Jönsson




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