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Författare Ämne: Carolina Johnson (Swedish surname Johannsdotter??)  (läst 144 gånger)

2000-01-07, 21:20
läst 144 gånger


I'm looking for a record of my Great-great Grandmother, Carolina Johnson.  She was born July 23, 1842 or 1843 in (Lommaryd Congregation) Jonkopings Lan, Smoland, Sweden.  She came to USA,  arriving in Illinois October 1865.  She married after she came to America, to Charles J. Gibson in Chicago, IL June 24, 1866.
I do not know what ship she came over on or anything about her life in Sweden.  I also do not read/understand Swedish so please forgive me if I have filled this out wrong.
melissa springer robards

2000-05-03, 19:08
Svar #1


Update, Carolina was going by the name of Carolina Carlsdotter.  Thanks to a very nice person in Sweden I have the following information (I am quoting from my Swedish source):  
Carolina moved as follows:  she moved in to a farm called Rossholmen Skattegård 11/11 1861 in Ödeshög parish (?), then after a couple of years, 30/1 1863, she moved out of Ödeshög
parish (?) and 21/3 that year she moved in to Vittaryd Skattegård in Lommaryd parish (?) and 7/11 same year she moved to Örskalla (also in
Lommaryd), and finally she moved away to Amerika 8/9 1865.
Carolina's mother may have been Maja Stina Andersdotter, father unknown.  If all this really is 'my' Carolina, she was born july 23 1842 in Kliaryd (a farm in Lommaryd).  
I would really like to know if she had any brothers or sisters, or if anyone knows of her mother.  Also, how can I get copies of records of her information.
thank you,

2003-07-22, 19:01
Svar #2

Melissa Robards

Lommaryd birth records:
born 23.7 1842: Karolina, illegitimate.
mother: pigan Maja Stina Andersdotter in Kliaryd, age 25. No father mentioned.
bapt 24.7 1843 or 1842
witnesses: torparen Samuel Andersson and his wife Katarina Gustavsdotter in Vittaryds Kronogårds Kronotorp; drängen Gustav Samuelsson ibidem and pigan Johanna Larsdotter in Kliaryd.
I also have been given the possible birth date on Maja: birth book of Lommaryd.....on November 22, 1817.
Is anyone else familiar with this Maja Stina Andersdotter?  Is there a way to find out if she is related to this Samuel Andersson?
Please note my email address has changed to

2003-07-23, 00:06
Svar #3

Thomas Wilhelmsson (Twilhelmsson)

Dear Melissa!
Here are some interesting info for you. All info is from husförhörslängd Lommaryd 1831-1835 (p281)
Anders Andersson b. 21/8 1790
Lena Catharina Andersdotter b. 2/5-1791
Maja Stina
Samuel b. 1/4 1821
Gustafva b. 19/9 1826
Johanna b. 21/7 1829
Johan b. 5/12 1832
The dates were hard to read so see them as preliminary - I will check the birth book as well.
It looks like Samuel and Maja Stina were brother and sister!
Best Regards




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