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Författare Ämne: A Swedish soldier becomes a Prussian-circa 1650  (läst 605 gånger)

2015-09-24, 21:54
läst 605 gånger

Utloggad Larry Hand

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It has been speculated, in my Mother's family, that the Fratzke's, were descendants from a Swedish clan the Frastaages. The clan's home was in the Bay of Byske, on the Gulf of Bothnia, Vasterbotten County, Sweden in a place called Frastaage. Frastaage is directly south of Byske, north of Skelleftea. This area was said to be a debarkation point for the Swedish army, sent by the King of Sweden, to fight in the religious wars of Europe (1524-1648).
            The theory continues that the Frastaages came to the Poznan area of Prussia. They probably came during the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) (with their families) and were later assimilated into Prussian/German culture until 1850, when they emigrated to the USA. Of note is the pronunciation of the name Fratzke. One would think the final “e” would make it pronounced “Fratz-ka” but the family pronounces it “Fratz-key”. Also, the name has a very small footprint in the Prussian area of present day Germany. My great grandfather married a Schacht (in the US) and let me tell you, the Schachts have many references in German (Polish) historical records going back to the 1600's, but no Fratzkes.  
         Any thoughts or opinions on whether this is worth further research and if so, how to proceed?  
           Larry Hand
          Sept. 24, 2015




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