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Författare Ämne: Illegitimate son  (läst 199 gånger)

2001-08-18, 23:54
läst 199 gånger

Cheryl Bentley

My great grandfather's name was Carl Lindgren.  According to the 1900 US Census, he was born in Sweden in June 1864 and came to the US in 1887.
My mother told me that he was an illegitimate son
born to the Royal Family and that his mother was a Jewish woman.
Can anyone help me find the names of his parents?
Thank you!

2001-08-19, 21:39
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Utloggad Carl-Fredrik Hanzon

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There were quite a lot of boys born in Sweden in june 1864, and Carl was a wery popular name at the actual time, so I presume that many hundreds, maybe one thousand Carls were born then. And if he really was an illegitime child, probably none of his parents wore the name Lindgren (whitch is, too, a wery common swedish name. At least, it is definitly not a jewish name). If you can?t precise the birthdate or the birthplace (or other circomstances), it?ll be impossible to find him.
Besides, even if you?ll find the birthrecords, it is not so sure that the parents names are mensioned. Most of the birthrecords of illegitime children in the actual period do not mension the father?s names, and in Stockholm, sometimes not even the mother?s.

2001-08-19, 22:58
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Utloggad Elisabeth Thorsell

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In the Emigranten database there is one Carl August Lindgren, age 24, from Frustuna in Sörmland, who left for New York through the port of Göteborg on 1887 Oct.21
There is also Karl Lindgren, age 22, from Stockholm, who also left through Göteborg, on 1887 Nov.7 with a ticket for New York.
Also Karl A Lindgren, age 22, from Trollhättan in western Sweden, who left through Göteborg on 1887 Apr.22 with a ticket for Boston.

2001-08-19, 23:46
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Cheryl Bentley

I am so pleased that there are people interested enough to take the time to share information and knowledge.  
Thank you!




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