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Författare Ämne: Wennersborg Dalsland - Sverige - Where could it be?  (läst 553 gånger)

2002-01-20, 02:12
läst 553 gånger


A girl i was looking for, is mentioned to have been born in Wennersborg in Dalsland in 1868. In the cencus for 1905 and other cencus'es, her birthplace is Wennersborg.  
Can anyone help me with where this could be or if its a non existant place in sweden

2002-01-20, 05:47
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Utloggad Judy Olson Baouab

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Hi Jessica,
The modern name of that location is Vänersborg.
Vänersborg is a kommun (municipality) with several parishes. It is necessary to find the parish name to do research on these people.One of the parishes in that kommun is also called Vänersborg. Maybe that is her birthplace.
Good luck!

2002-01-20, 13:33
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Utloggad Kurt Hultgren

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If Vänersborg is given as her birthplace it is most certainly the city of Vänersborg that is referred to. This city is on the outlet of the big lake Vänern on the Göta river. The city of Vänersborg had 4076 inhabitants 1860. The commune of today has 36 000 inhabitants. It was the capital of the region of Älvsborg until a few years ago, when three regions were merged. The city and the surrounding parishes nowadays form a commune together. Vänersborg city is very close to Dalsland, but it is actually situated in Västergötland, however the commune of today is partly in Dalsland.

2002-01-20, 20:42
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Thank you both;)
I think i now have a pretty good idea about were Vänersborg is. Thanks again.
If possible, do anyone know if there is a good resource anywhere to find a person born in Vänersborg in 1868, who later immigrated to Oslo, Norway in 1892. Are there any swedish registers of people who leave the country, for example?

2002-01-24, 08:58
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Inger Tysland

A person who immigrated to Norway i 1892 will you find in the norwegian cencus 1900.
Go to
Good luck.

2002-01-31, 10:50
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Thanks to everyone for their help about Wennersborg. I had no clue in he beginning, but now i know better. Thanks again, Jessica.

2002-03-13, 14:57
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Jenny Jacobsson

Some of the church records (including the birth records of the requested period) of Vänersborg are availible at .
The homepage has an english version.
The files with the records are in a list with each post in the following format.
Vänersborg  (P)  F  1861-1920  VANBG-F6 text QA  158001  
the F stands for födelsebok, birth record. If there's a D in the corresponding place it means death record and a V means marriage record.
These instructions may be overexplicit, but I rather give too many instructions than too few.
Good luck!




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