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Författare Ämne: Parishes in Dalsland  (läst 243 gånger)

1999-11-06, 00:27
läst 243 gånger

Karen Wise

Does anyone know where I might find a map and list of Parishes in Dalsland?  
I am also interested in the same for Nordmaling.
Karen in Minnesota

1999-11-06, 10:28
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Utloggad Gunnar Jonsson

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  • Gunnar Jonsson, Säffle
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I will send you a simple map of Dalsland via e-mail. I don't have anyone for the parish of Nordmaling.
Gunnar Jonsson, Saffle

2000-01-16, 01:10
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Utloggad Rosemary Knutsen

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My grandfather was Lars Gustaf Nielsson.  There seems to be many different spellings - Gustav and Nelsson.  I have information that the family came from Animskog and believe that there is a church there.  Is that correct?  And is there access to family information there? Also, I have information about a school located there and has that been turned into a museum?  
Rosemary - Sedona, AZ

2000-01-16, 10:56
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Utloggad Carl-Johan Ivarsson

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Yes, Ånimskog is a parish in Dalsland, located south of the city of Åmål. The church records from late 17th century to 1895 are kept at the State Archives of Gothenburg, but they are microfilmed. The church records from the 20th century are still kept at the church office of Tösse.
The original spelling of your grandfather's name would be Nilsson.  
And, you are perfectly right about the school that has been turned into a museum. The name of that school is Årbol.
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2005-03-10, 14:40
Svar #4

Maxine Morrison

I am desperately trying to get some information on my  
great grandfather Jan Halvardsson who was born in Dals-Ed  
in 1819 and is listed in 1890 he woeked at a saw and in  
1890 census he is found living in priesthouse in Dals-Ed  
He later could have moved to nearby area called Halland.
I would like to find when he died and were and also , I  
would like to know who his parents and siblings were.
If Anyone can help --:please !!!!!!

2005-03-10, 23:45
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Utloggad Anders Ryberg

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If he moved to Halland, that is NOT a nearby area, but a province quite far to the south. It sounds a bit strange that he was still working at the age of 71. You should try to follow him in the parish records, and try to find him in the birth record.




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