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Författare Ämne: Johan A. Andersson of Bralander, Alvsborg  (läst 197 gånger)

2005-04-11, 03:07
läst 197 gånger

Lynne Bergquist Howell

I am searching for information regarding the family of my great-grandfather, John Albert Anderson (Bergquist), born 24 Aug 1860 in Bralanda, Alvsborgs.  His name at birth may have been Johan Albert Andersson or Johan August Andersson.  
Anyway, John immigrated to America and arrived at the port of New York in either June 1880 or November 1880 (I have two different dates from two different sources).  He eventually settled in Arnot, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania.
He married on 5 Aug 1886 at Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Arnot, Augusta Mathilda Bengtson, b. 17 June 1866 in Norra Mockleby parish, Oland.
They had the following children:
Augusta Elnora Anderson
Emma Dorothea Anderson
Andres Wilhem Anderson
Nils Daniel Bergquist
Esther Christina Bergquist
Paul Reinhold Bergquist
Sometime around the time my grandfather, Dan, was born, his father changed the family name from Anderson to Bergquist.
Anyway, I was wondering if someone could do a look up to see if there is any family information out there concerning John/Johan?  Until today I didn't even know where he was born!
Anyway, many thanks to anyone for help.  Also, I am sorry about the misspellings, but I cannot get my computer to do Swedish vowels.  I have tried all the suggestions.




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