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Författare Ämne: Date of Emigration to America-AXEL OLSSON/OLOFSSON  (läst 639 gånger)

2009-11-30, 07:14
läst 639 gånger

Utloggad Katy Legge

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  • Senast inloggad: 2009-12-01, 13:07
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I am looking for the date that my great grandfather emigrated to America from Sweden. I'm not sure what part of Sweden he was born in, but his name is AXEL OLSSON (changed when he came to America) originally would have been OLOFSSON - his date of birth is April 16, 1869 and his parents are OLOF BENGTSSON (B:7/19/1837 D:4/22/1923) and KARNA ANDERSDOTTER. Olof and Karna married on 12/30/1864 and they had 6 children:  Matilda 2/22/1865-1946, Elof 1/10/1867, Axel 4/16/1869, Oskar 5/12/1871, Alfhilda 6/12/1873-6/17/1964, and Hilda 9/30/1875. (The only thing I know about location is that at some point, OLOF lived in Hissmossa, if that helps)  I also would like any information on AXEL's wife CAROLINE (I think her last name was Nilsson) she was born 1/10/1875 and was from Onslunda Skane. They both left Sweden for America (at different times) and ended up in Indiana, where they both died. Its possible Axel's year of immigration was 1887, but I'm not positive. Caroline's may have been 1892? Any information on AXEL, CAROLINE and also KARNA (ANDERSDOTTER) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

2009-11-30, 07:46
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Utloggad Ivar Gustavsson

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According to EMIBAS Axel emigrated to America 18/3 1887 from Hissmosa No 3, Västra Torup, Kristianstads län (Skåne). He had
2 more siblings, Ammilon born 1878 and Amanda born 1880. Axel was born in Färingtofta, Kristianstads län.
Karolina Nilsdotter emigrated 24/3 1892 from Onslunda No 40, Onslunda, Kristianstads län
Emigranten Populär:
Efternamn:   NILSDOTTER
Förnamn:     KAROLINA
Port of emigration:  MALMÖ
Date of emigration:  1892 04 21
Destination: NEW YORK
Her parents were: Nils Bengtsson born 1843 and Kersti Nilsdotter born 1849. She had 3 siblings 1890, Kristina born 1877, Hilma born 1880, and Bernt Otto born 1883.
Karna Andersdotter was born in Färingtofta 1837.

2009-11-30, 08:11
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Utloggad Katy Legge

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  • Senast inloggad: 2009-12-01, 13:07
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Thank you Ivar.  Does EMIBAS say anything about Axel's destination - I assume it was New York, but not sure.  Or if he was traveling with anyone?  I'm not quite sure how he ended up in Indiana or how he and Carolina met after she arrived in America.  It seems Axel had other family that emigrated to America around 1883 - his uncle Nils Bengtsson (B:7/11/1829) and Nil's son Elof, along with Nils brother in law Per Palsson and Per's wife and daughter - they all went to Swedish settlements around Minnesota. So I'm not sure if Axel first went to Minnesota and then to Indiana etc.. or where he may have met Carolina at.

2009-11-30, 17:42
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Utloggad Carl Wolf

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Hi Katy, here's some information on Carolina.  She had siblings also born in Onslunda who came to the US and lived in the Boston area, a brother, Bernt Otto, born 8 Apr 1883, Kristina, born 13 Aug 1877 and died 3 Jan 1964 in Massachusetts, and Hilma, born 14 July 1880.  Their parents were Nils Bengtsson born 28 Jun 1843 in Vitaby died 19 May 1907 in Onslunda and Kjersti Nilsdotter born 14 Jan 1849 in Sankt Olof. Nils parents were Bengt Larsson born 15 Mar 1819 in Sankt Olof died 29 Sep 1894 in Onslunda and Karna Reinholdsdotter born 26 Jul 1808 in Södra Mellby and died 2 Sep 1874 in Onslunda.  Karna was my 2nd great grandmother Maria's sister.

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