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Författare Ämne: Searching for Greta Stina Norbeck, my 4th Great-Grandmother (from the 1700's)  (läst 164 gånger)

2021-03-06, 04:10
läst 164 gånger

Utloggad Carla Nelson

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I am writing from Minnesota in the USA. I have been searching for my 4th great-grandmother, Greta Stina Norbeck, for a very long time and I have not been able to learn anything about her. I have only her name, which I found on a record for her daughter, Regina Christina Norbeck, on the Allmänna Barnhus Orphanage Search website ( I do not know when Greta Stina was born, where she was from, or who her parents were.
On 6 Sep 1785, Greta Stina Norbeck gave birth to my 3rd great-grandmother, Regina Christina Norbeck, at the Pro Patria Maternity Hospital in Adolf Fredrik Parish, Stockholm. Regina Christina was born out of wedlock and I do not know who her father was. (Another record from the Allmänna Barnhus indicates that Regina Christina’s birth date was 6 June 1785, but I believe this information is not correct.)

I would very much like to learn more about Greta Stina Norbeck, her family, and the life she lived.  I have searched through many records and I cannot find her anywhere. I am hoping that someone can help me find her. Other possible spellings of her last name include: Nordbeck, Norbäck, Nordbäck, Nordbaek, Norbach, etc.

If it would be helpful, I am providing some information I have found about Regina Christina Norbeck. The records can be viewed at: [Source: ArkivDigital: Adolf Fredrik (A, AB) CIb:1 (1755-1798) Image: 311];
[Source: ArkivDigital: Allmänna barnhuset (A, AB) D2GA:3 (1785-1786) Image: 960 Page: 1185}; [Source: ArkivDigital: Allmänna barnhuset (A, AB) D2FA:3 (1789-1793) Image: 1440 Page: 1276 – Her record is Number 1275]

Thank you very much!

2021-03-06, 15:07
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Utloggad Per Eriksson

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I did search the net and found a link to a document at English Translation, Record Documenting Regina Christina Norbeck's Foster Family Appointment (PDF). But I can not read it since I do not have a membership at their site. But perhaps it's worth it for you(?)

I also found a record at Barnhus Sök, showing her name and birth, and her mothers name. And that she was a orphanage children from 1791 June 15 to 1791 july 5 (original source)


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