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Författare Ämne: Help in identifying document  (läst 214 gånger)

2021-01-02, 21:06
läst 214 gånger

Utloggad Carol Kemp

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I am attaching a document for Ingeborg Elvira Maria Arvesson.  I have a birth record with no parents listed, but there is a reference of "okanda".  I have tried numerous translations, but nothing makes sense so I'm not sure what this means.  Some trees have her mother as Anna Maria Ekstrom, and I see this name on the document.  Is this her real mother are is this an adoption record.  Also some trees have Anders Lindstrom as her father.  He would be my great-granduncle.  So I am trying to verify that this is really his daughter or just Anna's daughter, or what the relationship is.  Thanks, Carol Kemp

2021-01-02, 22:00
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Utloggad Eva Dalin

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The parents are  Unknown (okända)
This document is from the orphanage Allmänna Barnhuset (public Childrens home).
The children were placed in foster home, Ingeborg came to several fosterparents, first Anna Maria Ekström who  is said to be divorced wife,
then the Arvesson family in Ala, Gotland and at last the Edmark family also Ala , Gotland.

But the document says that there is a half-brother to Ingeborg, also raised in the Arvesson family.
The boy, Axel Elimar  has number 4030 and on his document you can read "said to have the same mother as 2273"
In 1889  Axel Elimar moved to his mother A M Ekström "divorced wife". :)

2021-01-02, 22:16
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Utloggad Harald Nordius

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The mother's address in Ingeborg's birth record is Drottninggatan 81 and in Axel Elimar's it's Västerlånggatan 78. Anna Maria Ekström lived at these addresses at the time of the births, so it's very likely that she is the mother. She was born in Gammelgarn Sept. 12, 1855.

2021-01-02, 23:24
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Utloggad Carol Kemp

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Thank you, Eva and Harald, for your replies.  I don't think Eva is my great-granduncle's daughter; but it appears that Emil is his son.



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