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Författare Ämne: Need help on how to begin to research the court records  (läst 629 gånger)

2020-12-17, 16:40
läst 629 gånger

Utloggad Victoria Cihla

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Can anyone help me with how to get started researching the court records?  How do you decide where to begin?

I am looking to learn the patronymic name of a Lars who first appears in the tax records for Miäla in Torpa in 1724 and is listed as Lars (with no patronymic name) through 1727.  From 1729 -1731 there is a Lars Pårsson listed.  I think that Lars Pårsson may be my ancestor, father of Per Larsson b. 1725 in Miäla and his brother Anders b. 1731 in Miäla.  But, I don't know whether two Lars are the same person or not.

I've not been able to find a marriage record for a Lars Pårsson and ? in Torpa that fits the place and time (also checking nearby parishes of Annerstad, Vrå and Odensiö). And, to complicate matters, there is a 1723 Torpa marriage record for a Lars Månsson from Skeen in Annerstad who married the daughter (Gunnil Giermundsdotter) of the previous Miäla taxpayer, Giermund, who is listed in the 1723 and 1724 Miäla tax records.  Much later, from 1744-1746 there is a Lars Månsson listed on the Miäla tax records.

The only children I have found who were born to a Lars between 1723 and 1731 in Miäla are:

Per Larsson born 26 Jan 1725 (my ancestor):

Anders Larsson born 30 Jul 1731 (Per’s brother as noted in Per’s estate inventory):

So I don’t know which Lars is the father of Per Larsson  – is it Lars Månsson or Lars Pårsson?   Lars Pårsson seems more likely based on the naming of the two children and because he was listed at Miäla at the time that Anders was born in 1731. But, this is not certain.

Now I would like to attempt the court records but have no idea where to begin.  Should I start with the records around 1723 or 1724 (around the time Lars first appeared in the tax records)?  I am totally lost here but am willing to learn how to search through these records. 

Do you think this too much to post on the Swedish Torpa board?

Any ideas on how and where to begin would be very helpful and very much appreciated!

Thank you so much for any help with this,


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