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Författare Ämne: Questions on 1724 muster rolls  (läst 68 gånger)

2020-06-29, 23:02
läst 68 gånger

Utloggad Victoria Cihla

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Attached are the heading for the 1724 muster rolls I'm looking at.  Can anyone tell me what they mean?  They can also be found at

The record I'm looking at is also attached and can be found at

Since these records are somewhat different from previous ones I've looked at, I have a couple questions:

  * Am I correct in my understanding of a previous response, that the person at the bottom of the list is the soldier himself and all names of the men above him are those who are responsible for supplying his equipment, etc.?
  * If that is the case, then the information filled in after the soldiers name applies only to the soldier himself, correct?  What does it mean?
Thanks for any help with this,

Vicki Cihla

2020-06-29, 23:32
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Utloggad Kalle Birgersson

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I'm not very familiar with these rolls, but you seem to be right. The first names are "swentienare", I don't know exactly what that means in this context but they are just "background people". The important person is, in this case, Erick Törnqvist. After that you see some numbers which are his wages. The last numbers 26 and 8 is his age and years of service. And after that "små.", he is born in Småland. Next box with a lot of text is about his horse. Next box is about his gear, and it only says "sammaledes", same as the person above. After that notes from the last muster inspecition, but nothing here. And the last box is notes on this muster inspection. His horse was good, his gun is missing some detail and an arm is missing on "kiöllren", whatever that might be. Probably some kind of weapon.

2020-06-29, 23:59
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Utloggad Ulf Svensson

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  • Ulf Svensson
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Sventjänare is the soldier himself, the names above are Rusthållare.
Kiöllren is most likely Kyller, in modern spelling. It is a leather coat to wear under the body armor.

2020-06-30, 00:08
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Utloggad Victoria Cihla

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  • Senast inloggad: 2020-07-07, 02:51
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Fascinating!   It amazes me to be able to learn so much about the people and their lives so long ago.  What a gift is!

I would never have been able to even contemplate looking at the muster rolls, tax records, etc. if not for all your help.  You are all so helpful! 

Thank you so much,

Vicki Cihla




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