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Författare Ämne: Trouble with a Birth Year and Place on a Person  (läst 184 gånger)

2019-03-12, 05:49
läst 184 gånger

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I have asked a question on here previously (back in 2009) about this person and got a lot of information but a couple people have brought it to my attention that the birth year I have may not be correct. I have been doggedly searching on this to get it straight but still don't have anything concrete.

Nils Eriksson Andrake Lustig - I have a 11/11 1757 Lilla Hycklinge and a 1764 ?/? Fliseryd. The 2 "Nils'" born in Fliseryd 1764 fathers are "Lars" and "Anders" and I know my Nils is a "Erik"-sson.

He was in the military and shows up with the first birthdate (from Dovestad) but all the Husforhors have him as 1764 Fliseryd except the file I have a file that someone sent me once (*see attached file*) I can not find this parish record or which one it comes from?
I have gone over and over Husforhors and Fodelse's and still have not nailed it down. Very tough individual to get exact. The biggest thing is I would like to know where the attached file (Döderhultsskivan.docx) is referenced from!
Ken Johnson




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