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Författare Ämne: Do you have ancestors in Sweden or Norway and do you need help?  (läst 707 gånger)

2019-01-20, 20:42
läst 707 gånger

Utloggad Annika Fagerquist

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I do genealogyresearch for fun and I also help people to find their families back in time. I pay for several search-sites in Sweden, Norway and do have full access to and some other programs and sites. Im familiar with and

You can pay with swedish "Swish" or with paypal. I do my presentation in, for example where you can have a familytree for free up to 250 people. I will always send you a "familybook" that you can print. If I found photos, you will have them.

I Always use first-hand sources and doublecheck all tips and matches. If you are interested in taking a DNA-test its just fun and can help and very often discover new relatives in life! Do you want some information and advise about taking DNA-test, I will be glad to answer!

2 generations back in time costs max 1000 SEK.

3 generations back, all family lines or as many as possible, 2000 SEK.

For further research we will have an agreement about the costs.You can write to me at:

Annika Fagerquist




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