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Författare Ämne: Cause of Death mördad  (läst 970 gånger)

2018-04-08, 02:29
läst 970 gånger

Utloggad Eileen Fischer

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  • Senast inloggad: 2018-05-09, 21:40
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Samuel Petersson, b. 1814, has a notation in the Kronoberg Algutsboda 1855-1862 Husförhör Al:7 Pg 306 of 58 18/10 mördad.  His death record, Kronoberg, Algutsboda Död 1837-1862 C:5 Pg 811 also states the cause of death as mördad although the death date is 26/10.  This translated to murder.  Is there any way to research this further and get more information as to what happened?  Thanks for any advice!!


2018-04-08, 12:28
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Utloggad Per Pettersson

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You can apply for a copy of the police report regarding the case from "Landsarkivet i Vadstena"!
Email to ""!



2018-04-08, 13:22
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Utloggad Erik Mouwitz

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Hello Eileen!

You will find the court records in the archives of the häradsrätt (county court). In this case, Algutsboda parish straddles both Konga and Uppvidinge härader, so the records for the case in question could be found in either of the archives for these counties, depending on what part of the parish the murder took place in.
I suspect, however, that you will find the records in Konga häradsrätt: have a look at page 300 in Algutsboda AI:17. The note on the right page regarding Frans G. Svensson (Flinta) says "Frans Flinta sentenced to death at Konga county court 8 january 1859 for manslaughter"
This could very well be referring to the case you're researching, I mean, how many murders can there be in a rural parish during such a short period of time? Of course, it should still be confirmed using the original records, likely to be found in either Konga häradsrätts arkiv AIa:173 or Konga häradsrätts arkiv AIb:1 depending on whether this was dealt with during an ordinary (lagtima) or extraordinary (urtima) session of the court. These records have not been scanned yet, but Arkiv Digital and Riksarkivet offer scanning for a fee.


2018-04-09, 17:16
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Utloggad Eileen Fischer

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  • Senast inloggad: 2018-05-09, 21:40
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Thanks Per and Eric!  This gives me a place to start.

Eric, I agree that Frans is a strong possibility, but then again you never assume anything.  Hopefully I can obtain the court records and verify!

Thanks again,





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