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Författare Ämne: Source/Citation  (läst 766 gånger)

2018-02-27, 05:23
läst 766 gånger

Utloggad Robert Goranson

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  • Senast inloggad: 2020-05-09, 06:18
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For years I was using Genline and citing them as a Source in my Family Tree Files.  I am now using ArkivDigital.

I believe that Genline is no longer available.  Am I correct?

How is the best way to handle this situation?  Do I completely remove Genline and replace with ArkivDigital?

Genline - Swedish Church Records On Line, GID #[100011.30.66000, [Kristianstad] _ scb Kristianstad, : 489, Marriage , Deaths, 1874-1874, 0/0, Image 127 of 129].

ArkivDigital - Swedish Records On Line, Hörröd-L-CI-6-1862-1894-Image-113-Page-108.

Please advise.



2018-02-27, 11:12
Svar #1

Utloggad Erik Mouwitz

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Hello Robert!

This depends on how you want to use the citation.
The proper way to cite the latter of the two sources would be "Hörröd CI:6 p.108". This is more useful and proper than the Genline citation, which seems to refer only to image number, rather than the actual page number in the source material. Since image numbers vary between different providers, this would not necessarily be a useful citation to someone using another provider or studying the originals. A citation referring directly to the source material should always be included, when possible.

The other citation, from Arkiv Digital, is better since it includes page number and the name of the volume in accordance with the naming principles of the Swedish National Archives, though it is still a bit "messy". For an example I don't think it necessary to include the name of the image provider in each citation.

In the version of the Arkiv Digital software that I use you can have the program generate a more concise citation into the copy-paste-memory by pressing Ctrl+K. This is an example of what this command generates: "Hörröd CI:6 (1862-1894) Bild 113 / sid 108". ¨

What I have said so far of course applies to the "official" source citations that must stand the test of time. Apart from these you could also include "shortcuts" to find your way back to sources more conveniently. In Arkiv Digital, this is done by including the AID, which will usually be visible in the lower right of the Arkiv Digital software. This is an example: v99657.b113.s108 . Pasting this into the AID window and pressing enter will get you right to a specific volume and page. This is naturally never enough as a citation on its own, since Arkiv Digital might change their own system, or go out of business.
Hope this helps!

2018-02-28, 04:36
Svar #2

Utloggad Robert Goranson

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  • Senast inloggad: 2020-05-09, 06:18
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Thanks so much for the help Erik.

I was able to successfully copy source information through the ArkivDigital Program.  They made it real easy to do.  Example:  Hörröd (L) CI:6 (1862-1894) Image 113 / page 108

Now I have a lot of work ahead of me to redo my citations from Genline to ArkivDigital with the above format.  Luckily I saved all my Bookmarks so far.

Thanks again.





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