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Författare Ämne: Help with Swedish birth record and the writing in the margin  (läst 604 gånger)

2017-09-12, 06:12
läst 604 gånger

Utloggad Irene A Nielson

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I need help with the translation of a Swedish Birth Record and what is written in the margin next to the birth record.  Arkivdigital.  Bro CI:1b page 189. (There are three Bro Parishes in Sweden.  The parish is in Uppsala.)

It is the birth record on 16 November 1747 for Eric, son of Jan Andersson and his wife Brita Persdotter.  I can understand the birth record, but there is some writing in the margin about a baby called Petter.  Did the parents decide to call the child Petter instead of Eric?  Or were their two babies?  It doesn't say they were twins.  Please help me with the translation in the margin, if you could.  It would be very appreciated.

Thank you.  :)
You can also look it up in Swedish records in Bro.  Arkivdigital. AID:v83772.b99.s189

2017-09-12, 11:31
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Utloggad Mats Svensson

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Hello Irene,

I think you are right when you guess; there is only one child. First when he was born the parents give him the name Eric. The day of Baptiste, he got the name Petter. It’s difficult to read every word and translate but something like
“during Baptisday, after the parents_??_ he is found called Petter”
You can find the family in Lagmansboda:
Bro AI:1 (1857-1763) Pict 44/side75.
 You can see Petter (Peter), his parents and also petters brothers and sisters which unfortunately are dead. You can also see petters grandmother Anna Lennartsdotter (mother of Jan Andersson and she’s also dead). Finally you can see Aunt Caisa Andersdotter (Daughter of Anna Lennartsdotter and sister of the father Jan)

Best regards :)

2017-09-12, 16:53
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Utloggad Irene A Nielson

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Hello Mats,

Thank you so much for responding so quickly and for helping me understand the writings on Eric/Petter's birth and christening record.  Thank you also for taking the time and sharing more with me about Jan Andersson and his family on the household records.  It is very much appreciated.




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