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Författare Ämne: Magnussen/Birhake  (läst 795 gånger)

2016-04-17, 15:52
läst 795 gånger

Utloggad Kevin Perry

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I am reviving a topic which was last discussed several years ago.
I am looking for Anders Magnussen and his parents.  The information given to me was that Anders was born at Anderstorp fabrk, Lindome, Halland on 27 Mar 1824; and that he died in Kristiansand, Vest-Agder Norway on 2 Aug 1909.  He married Petronelle Gordon in Kristiansand in 1854.
I believe his parents to be Magnus Birhake (born 1796 in Råda, Västra Götaland and died 1863 in Hassungared, Lindome), and Anna Greta Nilsdotter (born 1793 in Lindome and died 1863 in Hassungared, Lindome).
The problems start with the fact that Anderstorp fabrik was built in 1830, 6 years after the birth of Anders Magnussen.  I think he may have been born at Annestorp, but I don't have access to any records to substantiate this.  His birth record only narrows the birthplace to Lindome.  The birth record presents the second problem:
Magnus Birhake appears in the record with an over-written 'h' in the surname.  I cannot de-cipher what the letter should be.  a death record I found seems to validate 'Birhake'.  I do not know the sources used for his date and place of birth, and I can find no other information on him or his parents.
Anna Greta Nilsdotter is clear in the birth record for Anders, but I again do not know the sources for her date and place of birth.  Therefore, I cannot trace her or her parents.
Unfortunately, accessing parish records is not a certainty at my end, and presents a problem since my reading skills in Swedish are very poor.
Any help or leads will be greatly appreciated.

2018-04-11, 13:14
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Utloggad Moderator English

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Long time no answer, Is this still a question for you?

2018-04-11, 17:41
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Utloggad Bertil Strömberg

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I'm not quite sure what your question is. Is it confirmation that your Anders Magnusson is the person born on March 19, 1724 in Hassungared (Lindome C:5) to Magnus Birhake (the h is clearly an h, although more old-fashioned than other hs in the text) and Anna Greta Nilsdotter, or is it the parents of Magnus Birhake you want to know?

Anyhow some information: rotebåtsman Magnus Birhake and Anna Greta Nilsdotter were married in Lindome on May 5, 1822 (Lindome E:1). According to the examination book Lindome AI:7, fol. 217, Magnus was born on August 1, 1796 in Råda parish. In Råda (Västra Götalands län) C:1 there is a Magnus born that date to Bengt Andersson and Anna Maria Eriksdotter in Horsiered (Hårsjöred).
According to the same examination book Anna Greta Nilsdotter was born in Lindome on May 29, 1793. In Lindome C:4, p. 108, there is an Anna Greta born to Nils Andersson and Anna Jönsdotter in Hassungared.

Anders Magnusson left Lindome for Gothenburg in July, 1845 (Lindome AI:6 p. 70), but possibly returned in 1846 (Tölö B:3

2018-04-11, 20:40
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Utloggad Kevin Perry

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Thank you for your response.  It provided both information and confirmation of previous information so that I know I am on the right track.  Since I am not Swedish myself, many records and references are difficult for me to understand - but I am trying to get better at it.

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