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There is a passage in the 1726 Bergskollegium Rättsprotokoll from Värmlands that mentions ålderman Sven Jonsson Hult (an ancestor of mine). I can not read much of this, though. Below are the two pages from this, as well as the link.

I'm hoping someone can provide at least a summary of what this text is about.

Thank you!

Älvdalen / Älvdalen birth records after 1861
« skrivet: 2022-04-09, 12:18 »

My mormors far (Gustaf Mauritz Grundström) was born in Långö bruk, Älvdalens, on May 2, 1887, but I can not find any birth records there after 1861. I have also searched Särna and Idre with no luck. Do Älvdalen birth records not exist after 1861? Are they simply not yet digital?

Thank you...

Gamla handstilar / Text from a 1778 begravningsböck...
« skrivet: 2021-10-29, 13:20 »
This morning's confusing text comes from a Skinnskattebergs (U) begravningsböck. The record is for Brita Persdotter Holm, wife of Gustaf Lundstrom, who died 02NOV1778 ( ) .

The text in question seems to reference a first marriage in Stockholm, but I can't read the details. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!


Gustaf Lundström and his first wife Susanna Billing are found in Östuna kvarn, Köping (U) around 1718 (before her death in 1719): (image attached)

But they move, and I can not read the location.

After this, Gustaf and his second wife Brita Persdotter Holm have daughters Anna Maria (Köping, 28MAR1721) and Brita (Skinnskatteberg (U), 14JUL1724). Mother Brita is found much later with daughter Elizabeth and her husband Johan Vieweg in Skinnskatteberg (U), as well.

I'm trying to find Gustaf Lundström's death record, as his parents and birth location are a mystery.

Thank you,

Smed - allmänt / Digitized Avräkningsböcker
« skrivet: 2021-10-20, 13:45 »
The link below appears to contain all of the sets of digital avräkningsböcker held at the National Archives. There are 17 sets.

Is this the current, full inventory of digital avräkningsböcker that might be accessed? These have been very helpful, and I'd like to make sure I'm not missing any of them. Mills in Värmland are of particular interest.

Thank you,

Hej! From the death record below for Margreta Mårtensdotter, wife of Rider Petter Kumblin (29MAY1758 in Hagelsberga, Köping: ) , I cannot read where she was born, though I think it's perhaps some place in Odensvi.

Also, the words between 1712 and "Petter Kumblin" (highlighted) escape me. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Gamla handstilar / Reading a Linköping death notice from 1709
« skrivet: 2021-05-27, 15:23 »
At the very top-left of this page [  SE/VaLA/00222/C I/2 ], we have the death/burial record of Anders Larsson, son of Slotzknecht Lars Hakansson and his wife Cherstin Jonsdotter.

Except for his death/burial date and place, and also his age at death, I can only read a few words of this. Can anyone else read the additional text about Anders Larsson? I'm hoping it provides additional information about his life.

Thank you,

Gamla handstilar / A Soldier's Name
« skrivet: 2021-05-21, 15:40 »
Ryttare Nils Persson from Köping seems to have a soldier's name, but I can't read this (his son was Petter Nilsson Kumblin, who served in the Livregementet till häst from about 1710 to 1744). 

Below are two images that show this name: "Nils Persson XXX," and "Nils XXX."

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Gamla handstilar / Corporal Bo Andersson Boman's Birthplace
« skrivet: 2021-05-19, 14:52 »

I'm trying to find the birthplace of Bo Andersson Boman (1653-1753), who served in the Östgöta regemente till fot, Livkompaniet, from 1709 until 1712 (he would later become a Slotzväktarer in Linköping).

The first image is from the 1712 Generalmönsterrullor, and provides Corporal Boman's birth place as "Östergötland och ???"

The second image is from two pages after the first, that I share because it appears to contain the same place name.

Is this place Nykil? Gammakil? It appears that the word in both images begins with a "U" or an "N," and that the last letters might be "kyl."

First image source:
Second image source:

Thank you,

The Centrala Soldatregistret has Assar (Mansson) Hielte, Torpnummer SH-06-B120, stationed in the Skånska Husarregementet, Landskrona Kompani between 1743 and 1747.

However, in looking at the 1744 Generalmönsterrullor for No. 120, Per Akerberg is there, with a note that mentions Assar Hielte, that I cannot read.

Can anyone make this out? I'm hoping to locate Assar's actual service record during this period:

Thank you!

Allmänt / Travelers and Mining
« skrivet: 2021-05-17, 12:58 »
A question that is perhaps more sociological than genealogical: Jeremias Westerling (1776-1837, son of Verner Jeremiasson Westerling, 1745-1804) left the traveling life to become a gruvarbetare, and his children and grandchildren (including my mm mm ff and mm mm f) all seem to have worked in mining, or mining-related jobs.

Was it common during this period for traveling folk in the south to settle in one area to work in the mines? One could imagine that any able-bodied man would be welcomed at these jobs--society's relentless need to provide fuel for industry would allow it to overlook social standing and a family's status.



I am hoping that someone can help me read the two, similar entries in the military services records for Jeremias Westerling, my mm mm ff ff f. These are both from Generalmajor Jean Louis Bousquet's Regemente.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


In the death record for Ann Larsdotter in April, 1769 ( , bottom left-hand side), she is the wife of Magnus Simonsson, and is said to have been born in Hästahagen, Kågeröd, in 1724.

However, I can find no Anna Larsdotter from Kågeröd in 1724, or between 1710 and 1740 who might fit, for that matter. Nor is there a suitable Anna to be found in the DDSS, except for one Anna born in 1734, who would be too young.

There is, however, a suitable candidate family in Hästahagen: Lars Olsson (1689-May 1733) and Boel Olsdotter, who were married in Hästahagen in 1712, and having children there between 1717 and 1732, with a gap for baby Anna between Boel f. 1721 and Jöns f. 1726.

Would the best guess be that Anna was born in some other time and place, or that her birth in Hästahagen in 1724 went un-recorded in the church records, or her information is really there, but my eyes are not seeing it?

Thank you,

Kartor / Anders Nilsson's map of Linköping from 1696
« skrivet: 2020-12-21, 01:49 »

I was hoping someone might have a link to a large, complete Anders Nilsson's map of Linköping from 1696. A smaller clip of this map can be found here: , from Linköping University and Östergötland Museum.


Grums / A Dead End for the Grundström Family?
« skrivet: 2020-12-16, 13:47 »

Is there any hope for this återvändsgränd ?

My Grundström family line goes from Jonas in Fryksände, Värmland, to his father Per (f. 1732 in Lökene, Grums, d. 1796 in Gunnarskog), to his father Börje Nilsson, (d. Aug 4, 1737 in Grums).

I can find Börje in the Grums mantalslängder from 1713 (when he was 24 years old, by his death record), until his death. So, perhaps he came to Grums from elsewhere?

But is this the end of my Grundström research? Or maybe I've just reached the end of my own research abilities...?


Konga / Family secrets for Ola Malm and Anna Svensdotter
« skrivet: 2020-12-03, 13:50 »
I'm hoping a Konga expert who's looking for a challenge can help unravel one or more of the knots outlined below. It's a family that seems to have a few secrets. Here is the background:

Anna Svensdotter (f. Jun 30, 1793, d. Jan 24, 1873) gave birth to "oäkta" daughter Johanna on May 4,1833 in Konga. On Dec 28, 1833, she married soldier Ola Malm. The father of Johanna is unknown, but suspicion falls on Ola.

Anna Svensdotter also seems to have had the following children, all "out of wedlock":

Jons (called "Jons Jonsson" in 1828-1833 Konga HFL), f. Dec 24, 1816
Kirstin, f. Dec 8, 1820, d. Feb 24, 1821
Elna, f. Feb 5, 1825, d. Feb 9, 1825
Sven, f. Dec 25, 1827, d. Jul 31, 1828

Also, Ola Malm had been married to Bengta Andersdotter, until her death in 1831. 
However, in the birth record for Sven (listed above), we see that his godmother is Ola Malm's wife Bengta. So, at least, Ola Malm knew Anna Svensdotter well enough that his first wife was the godmother of one of Anna's children.

The main questions I have (though others exist):

1. Where was Ola Malm born (see this thread, here: )? His birth dates range from Nov. 26, 1795, to April 2, 1793 and Sep 3, 1795. And he is said to be from Bohus, but also Bohuslän in various military records and HFL.

2. Who are the fathers of the various children of Anna Svensdotter? I believe sometimes births out of wedlock would result in legal proceedings which may list the father, but my research skills are too poor to find if any court records exist in this regard.

3. What could the relationship have been between Ola Malm and Svensdotter before their marriage, if Ola's first wife was the godmother of Anna's child Sven six years before their marriage? They do not seem to have been neighbors...

Thank you for any help in understanding this family.

I'm looking for assistance in reading the birth record for a child named Sven, born in Konga on December 25, 1827, out of wedlock ("oagta"):

A clue (which brings up a larger riddle), is that the mother--Anna Svensdotter--would later give birth to Johanna Olsdotter on May 4, 1833 (also oäkta), and then shortly thereafter marry soldier Ola Malm. The suspicion is that Ola Malm was the father of Johanna.

The birth record looks like it reads "Suscept. Soldaten Malms ..." but perhaps not.

The riddle is that this Sven never appears with his mother in later HFL. However, we then find a burial record in Konga for an un-named child who died at birth, "Soldaten Ola Malm's son" ( His burial, though, is Nov. 14, 1827, meaning the dates are wrong, or it's a different child.  There does not appear to be any child born to Ola Malm in Konga on Nov. 14, 1827, though.

Any help untying this knot would be appreciated!


Westerling (Wallin) / Identifying Early Traveler Families
« skrivet: 2020-11-27, 12:31 »
A very basic question regarding the Westerling and Wallin families, and regarding all older traveler/Roma families in general: how is it that we even know certain families were members of this group several hundred years ago? Were they labeled as such in contemporary records? Any direction would be appreciated.


One more birth record for the morning!

This one is the baptism in Stenestad for Hanna Svensdotter, 1692 (9 post Trinitatis). It has her death date in the margin (18 April, 1765), near the middle of left-hand page.

I am again looking for her parents from this record, though I can only see something like "Sven Araldson (?) from Grönhult." I think the mother's name follows "Hannah."

Any help would be appreciated!

I am struggling to read this birth record from Kågeröd, and am hoping someone might help.

This should be the baptism for Jöns Trulsson, September 28, 1690 (15 post Trinitatis). It has his death date in the margin (1766, Aug. 24):

I am especially interested in his parents from this record.

Thank you!

I'm trying to locate the parents of Brita Tinberg, born about 1687, died in Jan, 1774 in Bjurtjärn, Värmland (mentioned back in this very old thread:

She was married to Zacharias Bihl, though I'm unable to locate that marriage.

Any help would be appreciated.


I'm hoping someone can read the birthplaces of Halvard Persson Blomström and his wife Anna Olsdotter in this marriage record from Sunne parish, Värmland. His looks something like Haverskog, Samm..., and hers a little like "Vicken."

Thank you!

Var ligger platsen / Nyeds Bergslag: Which Parishes?
« skrivet: 2020-07-24, 17:22 »
A marriage record from Fryksände, Dec 1799, shows the marriage of Olof Blomström and Anna Olsdotter, she from "Nyeds Bergslag."

A Fryksände HFL for this couple gives her birth year as 1764. And while I have found an Anna Olsdotter in Nyed parish in 1764 (, my question is whether Nyed parish is the only parish that might be included in the location "Nyeds Bergslag"?

Thank you,

In the attached image (from , Linköpings domkyrkoförsamlings Födelse och dopböcker for years 1764 through 1804), we have Magnus Nilsson, died at age 35, with a few words I can not read after his name (his profession?), although several of the letters seem very clear.

For comparison, I've included Jons Carlsson from the previous page, who seems to have the same word after his name.

Thank you,

In the Död och begravningsböcker for Bro församling (Västmanland) we have Olof Ekenberg, died in July 1773 ( The record is somewhat long.

As far as I can see, he began his military service in 1718 in the Livregementet (till häst), though I can't tell if the first kompani was Roslags or Norra Uplands (should be Roslags for Bro, I think).
It also mentions Ekby rusthåll and Kongsors kompani.

I wonder two things: first, if I have read his military service correctly, because I can find no trace of him in any of the Livregementet  till häst Generalmönsterrullor between 1719 and and 1741 (only a Nils Ekenberg, #64 Roslags).

Also, beyond his parents' names, wives and children, are there other important biographical details in this record that I have missed? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

P.S. Also, Kungsors kompani does have an Olof Ekeberg (not Ekenberg) for Ekby, #36. This is found in 1729, 1736 and 1741, although the HFL for Bro lists his name at least twice clearly as "Ekenberg," so it would be strange to be called by two different names at about the same time.

The attached image is a marriage record from Oct 29, 1707, Linköping, Östergötland ( found here: ). The record shows Bo Anderson marrying Anna Larsdotter of Baden. The final few words should be her father, but I can only read, "Lars XXX dotter," and I'm wondering just who the father might be.

Any help would be appreciated.


Good morning. I'm trying to read more of a record for Assar Hielte, a soldier in the Norra skånska kavalleriregementet, Landskrona kompani, Torp No. 120 [ record found here: ].

I'm trying to find out just where his rote was, and also what the text below is name reads (that contains the 1747 date), as well as the notes in the 7th column (that contains the years 1745).

Thank you,

Anders Olsson Risell/Rysell (b. 1764 in Riseberga, d. 1825 in Jonstorp, married in 1794 in Farhults) was said by some (undocumented) sources to have been a Ryttare, which the name "Risell" might support.

The Centrala Soldatregistret does have a "RYSELL Anders," but his record contains no other information. 

A manual search of the Riksarkivet Generalmönsterrullor from 1787 to 1794 provides nothing (except a headache!). I'm wondering if there's a different source to use, or perhaps he did not serve in the military?

Thank you for any advice,

I have two soldiers found in the centrala soldatregistret, both serving in Strömsholms Kompani of Västmanlands regemente. However, I can find neither searching several different years in the Generalmönsterrullor:

( )

One soldier is Per Andersson Anka, who began serving in 1690. The other is Olof Persson Grönberg, who began his service in 1747.

Was it common for soldiers to serve in different companies at different times? Is the database itself sometimes inaccurate? Or are my eyes the problem?

Thank you,

The attached birth/baptism record is from (Väse, Värmland kyrkoarkiv, sida 127).

Some secondary records interpret this record as the May 12, 1690 birth record for Bengt Fredriksson (who might be the same man later called Bengt Bernström), son of Frederik and Margrit Bengtsson. Others say this is for Bengt, son of Cesare Fredriksson and Margrit Bengtsson.

I can see the "Cesare," perhaps, and also perhaps master mason and the placename Laggaregården, but my eyes are starting to cross, and any help would be appreciated.


Looking for the birth parish name of Ola Malm, born 26 Nov. 1795, died 10 July 1865 in Konga.

His first wife was Bengta Andersdotter (1790-1882); he also had a daughter named Johanna Olsdotter (1833-1912) with Anna Svensdotter (b. 1793).

In each Husförhörslängder (Konga--Ebbarp & Rottorp) from 1825 to 1834, he is said to have been born in Bohuslän or Bohus, but I can't find his 1795 birth place (I'm hoping to find his parents).

Warm regards,

Kristianstad / "Eden för Hörja," 1677
« skrivet: 2019-10-04, 18:18 »
Hej! On, several people have claimed that two förfäder of mine signed a document called "eden för Hörja," in 1677.

I understand that swearing an oath of allegiance to the King of Sweden was common then, but these trees provide little context, and I was hoping to learn more: was Hörja significant in any way, or only because this document has survived the years? My two ancestors were probably soldiers, but did they hold some special station that forced them to sign this?

The signatories were Kiersten Nilsson (c. 1602–c. 1689) and Joën Torkelsson Krum (died c. 1690).

A rough image of this document is attached, and part of a translation is below.

Tacksam för hjälp...


"Eftersom hans Kongl. Maij. wor Allernaadigste Konning och Herre hafe afferdiget hit til Westre Göinge herret Riegs- och Cantzelior Raadet Baron Hög Welborne Her Johan Gyldenstierna att affhandla med almogen nogle Erender, som concenerar alles Sickerhedt, Fred och Roligheed. Da hafuer wii gemene Mand i Finnie och Hörrie Sogner, Indstillet oss efter skriftlig citation for hans Exellts. paa Hofdahla, att afbede alle wor forseelser imod Hans Kongl. Maijt. tilsige Sweriges Crone nu och her efter all huldskab, Troskab och Lydighed efter wor Eedsplicht och Lofe..."


Several online sources have Börgel Jonsson Fernell (sometimes named Börgel Jonsson Dresk) listed as born in 1607 in Sommerstad, Visnum, Värmland, and died in October 1671 in Gåsborn, Rämmen, Värmland. These sources also have him as the son of Jon Persson and Elin Paulina Olofsdotter (I believe this family is referenced here: ).

I'm looking for any primary sources that might substantiate the claim that Börgel Jonsson Fernell is actually the son of this Jon Persson and Elin Olofsdotter (and then the common claim that Jon Persson is the grandson of Nils Finne and Rakel Engelbrektsdotter!).

Thank you,

From the Död- and begravningsböckerchurch books of Nås Parish, in August of 1819, is a record of the death of Olof Horn:

This record, though, is quite lengthy (about one and a half pages), and beyond my ability to clearly decypher. I can read his home location and wife's name (Christina Lagg), but this almost seems more like poetry to my poor skills than a list of facts. Perhaps it is a eulogy?

I could not hope for a complete translation, but I was wondering someone might be able to scan the document and let me know what sort of record this is (i.e., perhaps a brief summary), and any interesting or important facts that make themselves known.

Thank you!


Does anyone know of evidence as to whom might be the father of Erland Jonsson Hård (born about 1360, who was himself the father of Jon Erlandsson Hård (Liljesparre))? No suggestions that I've seen have much proof with them. (I've also seen some pretty stories online that mention Erland's wife being Ingegerd Knutsdotter (Bengt Hafridssons ätt), though I believe she was an Abbess and nun, making such a marriage quite an accomplishment!).


Westerling / Westerling/Krååk/Silverdufva Connection
« skrivet: 2017-02-12, 16:26 »

Some time ago, there was discussion here about whether Juliana Westerling, wife of Lars Westerling (died about 1700) was the daughter of Adelina Krååk (died about 1710), and was therefore related to Juliana Silverdufva: e.g.

Since then, some people appear to have assumed that this connection is accurate, but I am not certain, myself (one site --  -- has several notes and sources regarding this relationship, but these hurt my hair to read!).

I was wondering if anyone had found documentation since this time to prove or disprove the Westerling/Silverdufva connection?

Thank you,

Bjurtjärn / Parents of Olof Horn, born c. 1775
« skrivet: 2017-02-10, 00:59 »
Hej! I'm trying to find the parents (and maybe other ancestors) of Olof Horn, born 1773-1775 in Bjurtjärn, died in 1819 at Lindesnäs.

He was married to Stina Fransdotter Lagg, and had (at least) one child, Olof Horn, born in 1816 in Fredriksberg, Säfsnäs, Sweden. This Olof had Emma Kristina Horn, who emmigrated to the USA.

Any help would be appreciated.

Tack på förhand!


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