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Swedish language / More help interpreting Household record
« skrivet: 2023-09-20, 02:46 »
Anders Svensson (1839) and Britta Andersdotter (1837) may or may not have died after 1808.  Tranemo's Husförhör records have a missing gap between 1809-1812.  Any help interpreting the notes attached to Anders and Britta on the 1803-1804 Husförhör would be greatly appreciated.


General questions / Help reading Birth Record
« skrivet: 2023-09-15, 00:18 »
My 5th Great grandfather Erland Eriksson was born May 1767 in Tranemo, Älvsborg.  Still attempting to find his parents.

Erland Eriksson in Arnäs
M. ??
M. Sven ?
(H?). Kirstin Johansdotter
(H?). Anna ?
Any help filling in the ? would be greatly appreciated.
See attached.

Swedish language / Cause of death?
« skrivet: 2023-09-03, 17:39 »
I'm having trouble interpreting my 4th great grandfather, Johannes Andersson's cause of death in 1861.  There's also a note after the cause of death I'm having trouble with. (see attached).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


On the 1894-1914 Församlingsbok (Parish book) from Undersåker, Västmorrland, under "Special Notes" for my Westrum relatives is listed No.65 169/1880.  I've seen this on other Household Examination records as well, any ideas as to what this means?  Also, any help with the Utflyttning note would be appreciated.


Swedish geography / Help with photo location
« skrivet: 2023-04-24, 16:22 »
The attached photo hung in the residence of my great grandparents. After they passed, we noticed some writing on the back.
"Eksjo - Smaland Sweden  Home of Mr. George Smith (my great grandfather).

Before emigrating to the US, he lived at the following:

Eksjö: Skedhult, Hagsteigan, Lyckeberg & Gyssjoback

Höreda: Alfvasjo & B Åstugan

There appears to be a church on the far left, which could help determine the location of the photo.

Discussions in English / Where did Brita Lisa go?
« skrivet: 2023-04-21, 00:09 »
It appears that my 4th great grandmother lived a long life.  Any help finding her after 1911(?) would be appreciated.  See attached 1905-1920 Församlingsbok.

Discussions in English / Help Reading Household Examination-3
« skrivet: 2023-04-06, 20:59 »
Any help determining the attached location would be much appreciated.  Last missing link (I hope) for Sven Nilsson and Maria Jonasdotter.

Discussions in English / Help Reading Household Examination-2
« skrivet: 2023-04-06, 01:12 »
Any help interpreting the särskildte anteckningar (special note) and moved to columns would be greatly appreciated!

Discussions in English / Help Reading Household Examination
« skrivet: 2023-03-20, 15:11 »
Lars Thorsson, his wife Ingaborg and family were living in Båraryd, Jönköping pre-1755.  A note on the Household Examination (1751-1755) indicates that they moved out in 1855.  I'd appreciate any help in determining where they moved to.  See attached.

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