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Denna sektion låter dig visa alla inlägg som denna användare har skrivit. Observera att du bara kan se inlägg i områden som du har tillgång till.

Visa inlägg - Tom Lindberg

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General questions / Why such a big name in the book?
« skrivet: 2021-12-13, 17:28 »
ArkivDigital: Västerås Lundby (U) AI:2 (1697-1775) Image: 1990 Page: 67

Any idea why this entry was written so big in the book? 

I also can't decipher the entry, besides the title Cornet and surname von Post.  Any help reading it would be appreciated!  Further down the page is an entry for my ancestor Corporalen Herr Eric Julius Salborn who was listed as being in the service of von Post. I'm trying to track them and not having any luck.

Lundby / Lundby C: 2 (1761-1775) Bild 10 / sid 11
« skrivet: 2021-12-11, 23:08 »
I'm having difficulty reading and understanding some parts of my ancestor's birth record. Christina Olofsdotter's oäkta son Erik whose father is Erik Salbom (or Salborn?). I can't determine the word before Christina's name (Lvinsperson?) and what I think is a description of his father's location.

I've marked some areas I can't interpret and would greatly appreciate assistance. Tack!

-- Tom Ragnar Lindberg, USA

General questions / Trying to find a website of maps
« skrivet: 2021-12-11, 16:21 »
I came across a website of historic Swedish maps that I'm unable to find again. This site had an interactive map with historic maps in layers.

The website I'm looking for is not lantmateriet. The content is the same, but the interface is different.

Does anyone know the site I'm trying to find again?  Thank you,

-- Tom

Prova Anbytarforum (ej för riktiga inlägg) / Test post
« skrivet: 2021-12-11, 16:07 »
Can I post? I think I can post.

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