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Författare Ämne: Seeking Ancestor photos  (läst 301 gånger)

2004-01-13, 17:42
läst 301 gånger

karen pauley

Is there a best place to post request photos of ancestors?

2004-01-14, 11:05
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Utloggad Maria Svärd

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Hi Karen,
You can try underPorträttfynd at the main menu.
There is a part called Fotografer i äldre tider.
Maybe you can find the answers there.
It is all in Swedish, I do not know if you understand our language?
Maria SVärd

2004-01-14, 17:20
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karen pauley

Thank you so much.  I have a cousin who had posted a query in a different area and had not gotten a response.  I also would like to post a query requesting photos of my gggrandmother and gggrandfather.This helps a lot!!!

2004-01-15, 07:13
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Utloggad Eva Dahlberg

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Karen, Porträttfynd is not a section to put requests FOR a photo but to perhaps ask ABOUT a photo you own.
You can search Porträttfynd for any of your relatives or parish names, but the data to post and to add to the database must have a photo to go with it.
There is no obvoius existing place to request a photo. Perhaps under a very clear headline like this one, but directly under Gamla bilder (ie old pictures) not under Photographers and ateliers, where just those are supposed to be discussed (not easy to know I admit!).
Finding photos is not easy unless you find relatives, and as always the big difficulty is that people have photos but don't know the names of the people on it (that's the reason for creating Porträttfynd).
One possibility is to contact the so called Hembygdsförening (local history society) in the relevant area to ask them. Also to put a request in paper of the local genealogical society. The addresses of those you may get by posting under each parish in Anbytarforum.

2004-01-18, 02:00
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Thanks for your suggestions.  I will try to find the local historical and genealogical societies.  Just today I found hidden in my dad's closet an old box of family photos (sadly, most are unidentified.) Some are from Sweden and some from U.S.  
I always appreciate the advice I receive and have discovered much about the search process!!  

2007-06-25, 10:22
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