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Författare Ämne: Photography Studio in Västerås, Vastmanlands  (läst 218 gånger)

2014-03-18, 01:06
läst 218 gånger

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I very recently found a photograph of an unidentifiable relative; the photographer (or atelier) is in Västerås: J. Fredriksson. I am hoping someone can help me...
It's very unlikely that anyone would recognize my relative in this photo, but my thought is to narrow down the time period of when it was taken, when the photography studio was active at this particular location. This might help me, in turn, narrow down my list of suspects -- who of my family is in this photo.
The family lived in Stockholm, so I am not sure how/why this photo was taken at a studio in Västerås. The back of the photo card reads:
Atelier J. Fredriksson. Filialer
Smedjebacken, Fagersta, Ramnas,
Surahammar, Hallstahammar
I'm going to try to attach an image of the front and back in this forum for one to read the studio information; apologies if I do not make it work!
Someone helped me learn that the photographer was working in 1899, but not in 1911; he is not sure how much earlier than 1899 the studio may have been open. Does anyone have any advice or ideas where I can search for this photography studio? It appears that the woman is wearing folk costume -- was this a trend in photography in certain time period?
Any information about how to go forward to find out about this studio and perhaps others (I am also searching for the Atelje Nicodemi, in Stockholm, Drottninggatan 46)would be most appreciated. I know I am lucky to have a few photos -- I would love to be able to honor them with names.
Thank you so very much!

2014-03-18, 06:53
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Sub-topic transfered by moderator from Discussions in English/General questions as
it concerns a specific photography studio.

2014-03-18, 09:27
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