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Författare Ämne: Gotland & Halla-Carlsson, Carlqvist, Enequist, Gardelius, Gardese, Larsdotter, Nygren, Wallander, Wiman  (läst 1279 gånger)

2005-02-02, 09:25
läst 1279 gånger

Jan Scott

I have visited Gotland, Sweden twice in the last few years and have found some of my living family and much information on my ancestors, but I am still in search of more information on other ancestors.
We had a lot of ancestors in Halla, Sweden and also on the island of Gotland, Sweden.
My Great Grandfather, Carl Ludvig (Carlsson) Wiman (Weiman) and his wife, Maria Christina Elizabeth Gardelius and children (from Gotland), were the first in our famiily, to come to the USA, that we know of.  I know just about everything on them.
Some of the names that we still would like to find more info on in Sweden are:
(from my great grandmothers Gardelius side of the family)
1.  Olivia Christina Elisabeth Nygren (born Sept. 16, 1831-Halla - died Aug. 13, 1882)- husband - Nills Nilsson Gardelius (born July 8, 1822-Godrings in Ganthem-died-April 14, ??-Ganthem)
    (Olivia/Nils children):
     a. Hedda Vendla Gardelius (born July 30, 1856-Halla)and husband Anders Jacobsson  
         (Hedda/Anders children):
         1.  Anna Jacobsson-(Husband-Runander)
         2.  Olga Jacobsson
         3.  Adolf (bn 1891)-(wife-Klara Hult (bn 1900)
     b. Johanna Albertina Gardelius (born March 31, 1854-Halla-died 1932)-husband - Jonasson?
Also, my great grandfather's side of the family (above) - we need info on his brothers:
1.  Johan Petter Karlsson (Carlsson)- bn. July 28, 1852-Roma Parish, Gotland) - wife - Kajsa (Katarina) Elizabeth Wallander (bn Sept. 17, 1847-Lau Parish, Gotland)
    (Johan/Kajsa children):
     a.  Alma Johanna Elisabeth Carlsdotter (Karlsson) - (bn. Sept. 26, 1876)-husband-Julius Olofsson
     b. Hilma Anna Catarina Carlsson (bn. Oct. 26, 1878-Barlingbo Parish, Gotland)-husband-Anton August Jakobsson (bn. Dec. 1, 1877-died 1949-Lau Parish-Gotland)
        (Hilma/Anton children):
         1.  Margit Julia Jakobsson (bn. Feb. 16, 1907)
         2.  Johan Konrad Jakobsson (bn. Aug. 4, 1909)
         3.  Inga-Lisa Petterson (bn. May 21, 1929)-husband - Rune Karlsson
     c.  Arthur Karl Johan Karlsson (bn. July 21, 1883-Lau Parish-Gotland-died 1963-Lau Parish-Gotland)-wife - Hilma Nilsson (bn. Aug. 26, 1888-Nar Parish-Gotland-died April 14, 1918-Lau Parish-Gotland)
         (Arthur/Hilma child):
          1.  Tekla Klara Johanna Carlsson (bn. Aug. 1, 1912)-husband-Lennart Wiman (may still be living today in Stora Velinge in Buttle, Gotland.  She had twin girls (do not know their names) - but they are still living - possibly in the area around Lau Parish(??), Gotland -- **I really do need to find out the names of the twins and get in touch with them -- I have information for them!**
 (Arthur married again after his wife died):
     2nd Marriage to: Emma Johanna Margareta Jacobsson (bn. Jan. 19. 1891-died - April 15, 1951-Lau Parish, Gotland)
         (Arthur/Emma child):
          1.  Gerhard Johan Artvig Karlsson (bn. Sept. 23, 1922-Lau Parish, Gotland - died - 1989 - Lau Parish, Gotland)
2.  Carl Oscar Carlsson (possibly changed to Carlqvist) (bn. Sept. 28, 1855-Roma Parish, Gotland) - 1873 to 1876 he moved from Ostergarn Parish to Kraklingbo Parish to Gammelgarn Parish and then to Kallunge Parish.  After that the census was burned in the church fire and I can't find any info on him from that point.
3.  Lars Ferdinand Carlsson (bn. Feb. 12, 1861-Roma Parish-Gotland) - supposedly went to the USA on Aug. 12, 1881 from Barlingbo Parish - no other records on him after that.
If anybody knows any information on any of the above, PLEASE contact me - Jan Scott - (USA) at
Thank you very much!!!

2005-02-03, 23:48
Svar #1

Kay Engman

Just a suggestion-   If you know that your “Tekla Klara Johanna Carlsson (bn. Aug. 1, 1912)” was once living in Stora Velinge in Buttle, Gotland, have you tried asking someone on this list to check the Death CD for her name and death info?  If she is on there and you can get the death date and place, I have read on this site that you can email the regional archives and request they send you a copy of the “bouppteckning” or estate settlement, a legal document on which will be listed all the surviving heirs.  If her twin daughters were still living, they would be listed there under their married names along with their address at the time.  You could write to them and see if they are still there.
Check here for addresses of the regional archives in Sweden:
(I think you would want “” for Gotland records.
Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
A few years ago I hired a researcher in Sweden who got some of those bouppteckning documents for me (for deceased third cousins) and he did not have to pay anything for them to be sent to him.

2005-02-05, 07:50
Svar #2

Jan Scott

Kay -
Thank you for the information!  I have been to Gotland, Sweden, twice and you are correct, the Landsarkivet in Visby, has all the archive records for Gotland.
I have been to the archives and had them do a lookup on my family, while I was there.  If you visit Sweden, the archives does not charge you, as long as you have made the trip to Sweden.  If you mailed them a letter, from the USA, wanting a lookup, they would have to charge you.
Also, since your researcher was in Sweden, they would not charge him either.
I received the following note from a man named Lars today - I hope he is reading this response --- he was so wonderful to send a note to me stating the following:
>>There is a man, Olle Överby, who has collected families from Gotland for a long time. Luckilly he is of that type that shares.
On his home page,, you can find a gedcom file with more than 150 000 names from Gotland. It is compressed to a zip-file that you can download.

2005-03-12, 06:27
Svar #3

Jan Scott

Update to finding my living relatives on Gotland --  
I went into the Gotland telephone book online and found the name, address and phone number of my new living relative!  I called her and we have now exchanged pictures and information on our family tree!!
We have future plans to meet, so I am so excited!  To think that it took me 24 years to find a living relative on my great grandfather's side of the family!
Tekla Klara Johanna (Carlsson) Wiman, died last year (2004) at the age of 92!  This was my new found relatives mother!
Never give up looking for your ancestors information or living relatives!
Jan Scott

2022-01-13, 17:26
Svar #4

Utloggad Jan Scott

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I haven't written in here since 2005. Since then, I have found MANY more Gardelius family and many other Swedish families. Plus I have visited Sweden 3 times - mostly Gotland and Stockholm areas.

I would love to hear from other Gardelius, Gardell, Enequist, Carlsson/Karlsson, Wiman, Nordahl, Stille, Marin, Tim, Danielsson families! Most of these families started out in Öland and ended up in Gotland, Sweden.

Jan (Weiman) Scott

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