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Författare Ämne: Bobbe surname.  (läst 649 gånger)

2001-10-01, 09:05
läst 649 gånger

Utloggad Robert Hill

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I had an ancestor whose name was Jon Bobbe. he lived in the 1500's in Älghult, Kronoberg. Is
Bobbe a Swedish surname? or is it from some other country?. Jon Bobbe had a son and his son's name was Ygge Jonsson,(born 1592) who apparently  did not keep his fathers surname of Bobbe.

2001-10-01, 21:19
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Utloggad Robert Hammarstedt

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Hi Robert!
Nice name! ;)
Bobbe must be something special. Probably something else?
Normally children gets their surname after their father´s first name, i.e. the son was Ygge Jonsson (the son of Jon). Is Bobbe correct spelling?
Best regards,

2001-10-01, 21:47
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Peter Karlsson (Peterk)

The name 'Bobbe' seems to be German, the oldest notes I've seen is from abt. 300 years ago (Anhalt, Germany).. So the name exist, but it's hardly not swedish.
Brgds //Peter

2001-10-02, 02:30
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Utloggad Robert Hill

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  • Senast inloggad: 2014-02-06, 03:30
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Robert and Peter,
I thought the name might me German because there is village in  Anhalt Germany called Bobbe. Perhaps the surname Bobbe was somehow ascociated
with that village. Bobbe is also an old English
surname. Bobbe is also Jewish Surname. I think
that my ancestor may have been German. I think that the spelling of the name is correct. I am interested in any more information that anyone may
have about the surname Bobbe.

2001-10-07, 18:36
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Utloggad Niclas Rosenbalck

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The name Bobbe is probably not a surname in a modern form. In the medieval times farmers had those names, in Sweden called tillnamn (sort of surname associated to a person or some generations, sometimes even on the mothers side (cf the wellknown family of Sture); those names were associated with a skill or behavior etc - ex. tailor = skräddare, long = lång).  Some of these names later became family-names in the 16th- 17th century (mostly when a person changed his social class, a farmerboy became a priest (ex. the priestfamily of Krook/Krok etc).  In the beginning of the 18th century most of the swedish farmers didn´t use this surnames anymore, and simply was called with patronymikon (son-names).
The name Bobbe is probably a germanic word and describes something with the person Jons appearance or somthing with some of his very near ancestors appearance or behaviour.  
This progress of familynames seems to be the same all over northern Europe (cf how the surnames of England was given to a person in the medievial  time) but then took different ways in the 16th and 17th century.
The question still remains, what does bobbe means in old germanic language? The word seems to, according to information above, be connected even with placesnames in Germany, but the man Jon Bobbe in Älghult parish is certainly not of an exotic extraction from abroad. It´s a very linguistic interesting question.    
Niclas R.

2004-03-08, 23:07
Svar #5

Ingemar Holmström

Dear Mr Hill,
Jon Bobbe is an ancestor of me relating to my fathers amateur work with genealogi. Jon was born in Älghult around 1550 and still alive around 1600.
1609 his widow was noted as hjon, which means she was very poor.
One of Jons sons was Ygge Jonsson, born in 1592 and dead 1670. He was married to Marit Nilsdotter, dead 1669.  
Ygge and Marit get five children. Måns Yggasson, the youngest one, was born 1626 and died 1692.
I have more information abouth our common ancestor Jon Bobbe and the persons after him to myself.
Abouth the name Bobbe I have find a lot of  
Bobbe in The Netherlands. Maybe Jon Bobbe or some of his ancestors came to Sweden as immigrants from that part of Europe?
Some of mine ancestors emigrated to the US around 1900 and I am trying to find out what happen to them. They are Anna Dorothea Holmström, born in Huddinge (close to Stockholm) 1875, dead i US 1958 and her brother Fredrik August Johan Holmström, born in Huddinge 1891. deas i US 1970.
If you are interested to know more I be glad to help you.
Best regards,
Ingmar Holmström

2007-04-19, 14:48
Svar #6

Kirsi Vihanninjoki

Hi Niclas! You mentioned;..a farmerboy became a priest(ex.THE PRIESTFAMILY OF KROOK/KROK etc)Iam searching for the origin of my forefather SIMON MARCI KROOK, born Turku in Finland(about 1600)who was the priest as his many sons in other generations.Could you help me to know more about origin of Krook?Is it from Sweden?Best regards,Kirsi Vihanninjoki

2019-08-03, 10:36
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Utloggad Magnus Scott

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Är denna tråden nedlagd, eller fortfarande vid liv?

Jag och min nyligen avlidne far forskade på denna del av vår släkt och jag skulle gärna vilja veta mer om Jon Bobbe.

Vi härstammar från sonsonen Jon Yggesson 1611-1680.

Skulle bli glad för all eventuell info.

Med vänlig hälsning

// Magnus




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