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Författare Ämne: Searching for Ostmark/Varmland birth record 1876  (läst 294 gånger)

2004-12-06, 05:19
läst 294 gånger

Mary Viavattine

Hi!  I am searching for the father of Alfred Soderberg, born January 11, 1876 in the Ostmarks parish, and possibly Eriksberg was the residence.  His mother was Karin Jonsdotter Hultman, born October 6, 1842, also in Ostmarks.  I am unable to locate her birth record as well.  I tried Genline, but they don't have the records online for 1876.  Alfred was my great grandfather.  Thank you!!

2004-12-06, 06:55
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Utloggad Judy Olson Baouab

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On Genline, when you want to find the births, marriages, and deaths from 1860 onward, select sc instead of the name of the parish. Be careful that you choose the right parish, since all the parishes in the county are listed.
If the mother was born in Östmark in 1842, her record IS available. Birth, marriages, and deaths from 1821-1861 will be on this film for Östmark parish.  
550.20 C:2 Födde, Vigsel, Död 1821 1861  

2004-12-06, 16:10
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Utloggad Jeff Benson

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Hi Mary,
Judy is right. Genline does have birth records for post-1860 births in Värmland. To see them, you first select the psuedo-parish called sc Värmland and choose the book for the year you want, in your case volume :566 Födde 1876.
Next, you have to hunt through the book until you find pages with Östmark written in the title line. Unfortunately, this part can be very tedious because, unlike many other church books, there probably isn't an index. I find I often have to step through the book a few pages at a time looking for the parish I want. Fortunately, parishes seem to be in the same order from year to year so once you know roughly where a particular parish is in relation to the rest, it gets easier to find it in other books. Also, parishes are grouped by either community (kommun) or diocese (stift) -- I can't recall which. That basically means that parishes in the same geographic area are all in the same part of the book. In your situation, the parishes Fryksände, Norra Ny, Lekvattnet, Vitsand and Nyskoga, among others, should be close to Östmark. If you find one of those, Östmark can't be far off.
Regarding the birth record of Karin Jonsdotter Hultman, have you checked the Hfl (clerical survey) books? It is possible Karin was born in a nearby parish, in which case you need to check the birth records there instead of Östmark. Hfl records might tell you which parish that is.
Hope that helps,

2004-12-06, 17:48
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Utloggad Berit Tjernberg

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Here is Alfred Söderberg with his mother and brother in the 1890 census and recording to this, he seems to be born out of wedlock ( I hope these are the right words)and all three of them are born in Östmark parish:
ANNO 1890. Folkräkningen 1890. Östmarks församling
Alfred Söderberg f. 1876 Östmarks
Om personen Om hushållet  
Hemförsamling: Östmarks
Hemort: Eriksberg.
Kontrakt: Fryksdals
Län: Värmland
Födelseår: 1876
Födelseförs: Östmarks
Civilstånd: O
Kön: M
Familjest: oä. s.
Famstkod: B
Hushåll nr: 148
Familj nr: 1
Övrigt: v
SVARvolym: 000320  Kort nr: 18
Sida: 12  Rad: 10
 Personer i hushållet:
      Fam nr: 1
Karin Jönsdotter Hultman f. 1842, inhyses
Alfred Söderberg f. 1876
Johan Hultman f. 1866
Folkräkningen 1890. Värmlands län
With kind regards

2005-01-03, 05:41
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Mary Viavattine

Thanks to everyone for their help!  I have one more followup question.  I strongly believe I have found the father of my great-grandfather (he was born illegitimately).  Can anyone verify that the residences of Eriksberg and S. Metbacken, in the parish of Ostmarks, county Varmlands would be near each other?  There is a Lars Frederick Soderberg (b. 1839) in S. Metbacken.  My great grandfather was named Alfred Soderberg, and his mother Karin (b. 1842) lived in Eriksberg.  Given the lack of transportation in those days and the name he was given, I believe this could be his father.  Thank you for any insights you may have on this matter!

2005-01-03, 17:36
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Utloggad Sven-Ove Brattström

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Hi Mary!
You will need more evidence than that to confirm who Alfreds father was. Karin Jönsdotter was away working in Söderala parish, located in Hälsingland, from around 1876. Alfred were not notated in the husförhörslängd church records for Östmark until she returned from Söderala several years later. This does not exclude Lars Fredrik Söderberg as a possible father, but you do need to find more information from some source.
Regards,        Sven-Ove
Brattis (före 2004 Linewizard) = Sven-Ove Brattström

2005-01-03, 20:34
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Mary Viavattine

Thanks Sven-Ove,
Where can I find this information you are referring to?  This could be the reason he was named Soderberg as well; just based on the area she was working/living in.   Thanks!!

2019-09-23, 21:09
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Utloggad Rickard Zamuhl

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  • Senast inloggad: 2019-09-23, 21:24
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Can anyone verify that the residences of Eriksberg and S. Metbacken, in the parish of Ostmarks, county Varmlands would be near each other?

Re above; it is probably the same or reallly close, area/place. Their farm, today called Hultmanstorp (Hultmans Farm-still existing), is sometimes mentioned under Eriksberg, sometimes under Metbäcken (west/south). Norra Metbäcken (north), is the only area called Metbäcken in Östmark today and thats quite far away.




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