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Författare Ämne: Oscar Nilsson/Nelson  (läst 1406 gånger)

2000-02-10, 07:25
läst 1406 gånger

carol nelson

I am looking for any information on my husband's father, Oscar Frederick Nilsson/Nelson. He was born September 9, 1873 in Smaland, County of Jonkoping.  He came to the United States and settled in Chicago, IL about 1893. He married his first wife Anna Victoria Johnson on November 28, 1906. He married his second wife Bertha Wegener about 1916. He died October 4, 1938. He had one nephew Thure E. Nilsson/Nelson that I know of, also from Jonkoping, Smaland Province, born April 12, 1886 and came to Chicago about 1905.

2000-02-12, 22:45
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Utloggad Elisabeth Thorsell

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Thure E. Nilsson was found as having emigrated from the city of Jönköping on Nov.17, 1905, with a ticket for Chicago, according to the Emigranten Database.  
His uncle Oscar was not found now, but the fact that Thure did emigrate from Jönköping city would make it possible to trace him in the records, and find out about his parents and their siblings.

2000-02-15, 06:08
Svar #2

carol nelson

Thank you very much Elizabeth. I appreciate your reply. Could you tell me what my next step would be in locating records for Thure?  Thanks

2000-09-14, 21:18
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Arne Josefsson

Oscar Fredrik was born on sep,27 1873 in
Bottnaryd, Elfsborgs county. His parents:
Johan Nilsson, born 1834, may 12, Bottnaryd
Johanna Andersdotter 1836, nov 22, Strängsred
The family lived at Rönneslätt, Svansö,Bottnaryd
until 1876, when they moved to Jönköping. They  
were 5 boys and 2 girls. Oldest was Aron Amandus,
whos son Thure Efraim emigrated 1905. Oscar Fred-rik left 1902, jul 26. He was a carpenter.

2000-11-11, 03:02
Svar #4


Thank you very much Arne.  This is indeed the family that I am looking for.  I knew both Thure and his wife (both deceased) Hanna Maja (Sarnmark) Nilsson.  Would it be possible for you to find any more information on Oscar Fredrik Nilsson and any of his children or his grandparents? I know there are many cousins in Sweden as I think my husband's father was the only child to come to America.  I am very excited over this piece of information.  Thank you again very much. (you might note that in my other request I mentioned of not being able to send on this request - please ignore)

2001-01-07, 18:43
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Arne Josefsson

Oscar Fredrik Nilsson?s children I don?t know
anything about. I thought You were married to
one of them.
His grandparents were Nils Jonsson, born 1779,
died 1835, crushed by a falling tree, and Brita
Nilsdotter, born 1795, june 9. They lived at Bet
norregård, Bottnaryd, where Nils was born. He also
had a twin sister, Brita.

2001-01-09, 03:40
Svar #6

carol nelson

Once again I thank you Arne.  Yes you are right in saying that I am married to one of Oscar Nilsson's children.  I am married to Paul Julius Nelson who is his youngest child. Born 01/01/28. I do have information on all 7 of his children and knew most of them.  I would like to get some more information on Oscar's brother's and sister's, whom I believe never emigrated to U.S.  Thank you very much for this information you have given me on Oscar's grandparents.  I had no idea who they were, their names, or anything about them.  This is really exciting.  I really appreciate your help.

2001-01-14, 11:33
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Arne Josefsson

Here are the brothers and sisters of Oscar
Aron Amandus           Born  1860, jun 30
Alma Justina                 1862, aug  9
Anders Gustav                1865, apr 11
Karl Rikard                  1868, nov 10
Tekla Augusta                1870, jul 28
Oscar Fredrik                1873. sep 27
Axel Algot                   1876, aug  8
In Jönköping they lived at Torgkvarteret 12-13
(Market Place) Kristina parish. The father,
Johan Nilsson, was a construction worker

2001-01-14, 18:57
Svar #8

carol nelson

I thank you so much again.  You have been a great help to me.  May I impose another question on you?  Apparently Oscar Fredrik Nilsson had 2 wives prior to my husband's mother.  Both were born in Sweden.  The first was Anna Victoria Johnson/Jaensson, born April 16, 1878 presumably in suburban Stockholm. I have no other information on her. The second wife, was Alphild Johnson.  Born October 5, 1884 in Oland, Sweden. According to her death certificate, her father's name was Andrew Johnson and her mother's name was Josephine Bergerson (not sure of spelling). All of Oscar's children have been very close but have no knowledge of their mother from first two marriages. Thanks in advance Arne.  You have been wonderful. God Bless.

2001-01-21, 00:08
Svar #9

Arne Josefsson

Carol, You have to find out where these wives
were born. Name of parish.
I believe Sam Blixt found one of them on another
page. I?ll be happy to look for the other one,
but there are too many suburbs in Stockholm.

2001-01-21, 00:57
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Utloggad Sam Blixt

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Hi Carol,
Here You have the information Arne wrote:
In the CD - Emigranten and the database of PLF i have found additional information.  
There is an another brother for Alfhild, who emigrated 1905, May 5, from Malmö to New York.  
His name was Anselm Justinus Gustav and was born 1886, Oct. 11 in Högsrum, Högsrum parish.  
The parents, Anders Peter Jaensson and his wife Joefina Johansdotter, married 1878, June 21 and have at the least got eight children.  

2005-10-15, 13:25
Svar #11


Looking for family of Bror Lindvall and Louise Carlson. His family was from Jonkoping Parish [?] when he emmigrated, in 1887, heading to America. He left behind his mother and siblings. Any information would be appreciated, thank-you.

2005-10-15, 18:42
Svar #12

Utloggad Mats Ahlgren

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Hi Pat/Sean (my guess about your name)
From CD Emibas.
As you can see is my guess that his name was Lundvall, hope you can see if the date of birth is correct
Post 169172
Lundvall, Bror
Mål lärl (unmarried man)
b. 3/13/1867 in Jönköping, Jönköpings län (Småland)
Emigrated 12/5/1887
from 30, Jönköpings Kristina, Jönköpings län (Småland)
to Nordamerika
Source: Household Examination Roll, p. 214
Emibas migration file ID: Jönköpings Kristina F 1887 171

2005-10-15, 18:47
Svar #13

Utloggad Mats Ahlgren

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Hi again
On the other hand has CD emigranten
Bror Lindvall, 20 years old, from Jönköping leaving Gothenburg Dec 12, 1887. His destination is Boston.
Source code 33:479:15822
Do you know anything more about Louise Carlson?

2005-10-16, 18:29
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Utloggad Mats Ahlgren

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Bror Lindvall, who is he really ?
You got on another site a question whether widow
Margareta Lundqvist Lindvall and her children is Bror's family.
It is an interesting family  
I can see that the children
Eufemia, born June 22, 1860
Gunhilda, born March 12, 1869
Harald, born March 11, 1871
have tailor Otto Lindwall as father and Margareta Lundqvist as mother
but Bror, born March 13, 1867 has Augusta Jacobsdotter as mother, father unknown
This is according to  website for a parish in Jönköping
So, either is it wrong family or perhaps Bror is adopted.
Perhaps someone with knowledge around Jönköping Kristina can see who he was, Bror that emigrated December 1887

2021-10-04, 09:33
Svar #15

Utloggad Adam Lantz

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  • Senast inloggad: 2021-11-02, 09:57
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Resurrecting ancient thread.
I'm relative of named Aron Amandus Nilsson (brother of Oscar Frederick Nilsson/Nelson). Have just find photos of him and his children.

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