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Författare Ämne: Frisk family in Malmo, Sweden who emmigrated to USA in 1907  (läst 553 gånger)

2006-03-14, 05:55
läst 553 gånger

Marnie Eastman

I am looking for family ancestors and descendents in Sweden. My grandfather, Albin,as a single young man, together with his brothers Ben and Carl, traveled from Malmo to Copenhagen and hence to the USA on the ?Lucetenia?/Lusitania arriving in 1907. The brothers emmigarted again to Manitoba in ~1911, became naturlized Canadians, and chandged their names to Walld.  
I have photos of his mother and sisters, ?Karin/Carin, Hulda,and Nellie as young women in 1870. I also have a photo of their father taken by F. Holmstedt, Kristianstad, Ostra, Stargatan 9.  
Any information re: either his background or current family in Sweden would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
Marnie Eastman  
I do not speak/understand Swedish, so am hoping I have entered info in the right place.

2006-03-14, 10:40
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Utloggad bettan

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Hello Marnie!
At this site  Databas in English are a family, Bonde Frisk and Sissa Håkansdotter who maybe are the family you are looking for.
Berith Hemmingberg

2006-03-14, 19:25
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Bo Nordenfors (Nob)

Marnie, probably not easy to seach the data base Berith mentioned, no doubt we can find a lot of the Frisk family in the birth records. It is in the parish of Knislinge, that time in Kristianstad's county, now it is Skåne county.
F.ex. here we have Albin:
1883-03-01 birth  
Name Gender  
Albin male  
Merital status of parents Number born  
married 1  
Stillborn Parity  
Father Mother  
Name Name  
Bonde Frisk // Sissa Håkansdotter  
Title Title  
f. d. korporal   former corporal
Place Place  
 Age/Year of Birth  
 41 (mother)
Witness at the Christening  
Torp.(crofter)Niklas Christiansson'siwife Elna Olsdotter in Bifvaröd ,
 Crofter Niklas Christiansson; maid Nelly Frisk.  
Fadern 63 år. Gifta i 18 år.  
father 63 years of age, married for 18 years.
Original source  
Archives Page number/Year index  
Knislinge kyrkoarkiv  C:3 112 /  3  
Arcival institution Page in Household records  
Landsarkivet i Lund 144  
Text is difficult to decipher Microfiche volyme no  
Volymen innehåller:  
General notes  
Uppgifterna hämtade ur: Knislinge C:1 1851-1862, Knislinge C:2 1861-1866, Knislinge C:3 1867-1890 samt C:4 1891-1894.

2006-03-14, 19:32
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Utloggad lena_thelin

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could this be the family in the census 1890
Homeparish:  Knislinge  
Residence:  Bifvaröd Soldattorp  
County:  Kristianstad  
Sissa Håkansdotter, b. 1841 in Örkened Krist. L., Soldatenka, Widow
s. Bror Peter, b. 1868 in Knislinge  
s. Berndt Otto, b. 1871 in Knislinge  
d. Hulda Sofi, b. 1879 in Knislinge  
s. Karl, b. 1875 in Knislinge  
s. Albin, b. 1883 in Knislinge  
here is 1900
Homeparish:  Knislinge  
Residence:  Knislinge N:o 3  
County:  Kristianstad  
Sissa Håkansdotter Frisk, b. 1841-09-10 in Örkened Kristianstads län, Städerska  
Hulda Sofia, b. 1879-05-26 in Knislinge Kristianstads län  
Fam. nr 2  
grandson of one daughter Carl Christian Frisk, b. 1887-04-28 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Homeparish:  Knislinge  
Residence:  Kvarstående obefintliga  
County:  Kristianstad  
Bror Peter Frisk Levenheim, b. 1868-08-02 in Knislinge Kristianstads län, Kypare
Homeparish:  Jakob och Johannes rote 8  
Residence:  Johannes Mindre 1, 5, 10, 11  
County:  Stockholms stad  
Berndt Otto Frisk, b. 1871 in Knislinge Kristianstads län, Brandsoldat (fireman)
Homeparish:  Kristianstads garnisons  
Residence:  Femte Batteriet  
County:  Kristianstad  
Albin Frisk Wall, b. 1883 in Knislinge Kristianstads län, Artillerist

2006-03-14, 19:52
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Bo Nordenfors (Nob)

Have e-mailed the birth records/ marriage records I have found so far from the database at

2006-03-14, 19:57
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Utloggad lena_thelin

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2006-03-14, 20:57
Svar #6

Bo Nordenfors (Nob)

Bonde Frisk was married two times. E-mail sent with copies from

2019-01-14, 19:00
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Utloggad Björn Gunnarsson

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Hello Marnie!

I think we are relatives, because my grandmother´s father was named Albin Wall and was born in Knislinge March the 1st 1883, as Albin Frisk. In the year 1900 he served as an artillery soldier in Kristianstad and he had a relation with a maiden, Ingar Svensdotter, my great grandmother. One year later, in 1901 my grandmother Thilda, (Hilda), was born in Kristianstad.

In another document, not mentioned here, he arrived onboard s/s "Lake Simcoe", sailing  from Liverpool to St. John, arriving there on the 13th of April 1903. He travelled together with Bernt O. Frisk, (could be his brother), and the final destination was Karl Frisk, 430 LaSalle Drive, Chicago, (most probably one of his other brothers). He must then been home in "the old country", at least twice.

I have just started to investigate as much as possible about our family and this part is, of course, one of the most exiting! I can give you more details if we could establish a connection and I´ll really hope you will revert with your comments asap!

Best regards from                 e-mail:,     you could also find me on facebook.
Björn Gunnarsson

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