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Författare Ämne: Tureson, Elna (daughter of Anna Tufvesdatter)  (läst 273 gånger)

2001-09-15, 21:19
läst 273 gånger

S.E. Svenson

Seeking parents/siblings of Elna Tureson (Turesson), daughter of Anna Tufvesdatter (Tufuesdatter).  Family history says Elna was born at Svenstorp, Hjärsås, Kristianstad Län, about 1820.  Svenstorp thought to belong to the Tufvesson/Tufvesdatter family.  Elna married Sven Nordgren (marriage date not known).  Emigrated to Illinois (USA) between 1850 and 1854.
Thanks you!
S.E. Svenson

2004-01-09, 20:54
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Utloggad Ted Rosvall

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In the EMIBAS database of Swedish emigrants I find one ELNA TURESDOTTER, born 1834 Sep.21. at Yngsjö parish, who in 1854 or 1855 emigrated from Åhus parish to Denmark. The birth year is not too good a match though...
Ted Rosvall

2004-01-22, 01:41
Svar #2

Chuck Mäki

Hi Sven,
I have found Sven and Elna now that Galesburg's First Lutheran Church membership list has been indexed and perhaps the information will be new for you.
Give me an email on this.

2004-01-22, 21:44
Svar #3

Chuck Mäki

Hmm, now Sven himself is lost because emails to him have bounced back and a person in his office has told me he has left but they don't have an address for him so I will put basic information here and hope he finds it.
1st Lutheran Church, Galesburg, IL Swenson #99-2
Husband:  Sven OLSSON [not Nordgren]
Born:  8 Mar 1823 at Hjersås
The family arrived here:  1854
Returned to Sweden along with wife & children:  11 May 1858 to Hjersås
Wife:  Elna TUFVESDOTTER [not Tureson]
Born:  13 Sep 1819 at Hjersås
Hanna born 17 Apr 1856 at Galesburg
Nils born 15 Apr 1958 at Galesburg
Nils Svensson born 5 Oct 1849 at Hjersås & died at Galesburg 15 Oct 1854
Bengta Svensdotter born 23 Mar 1851 at Hjersås
Pehr Svensson born 10 Dec 1853 at Hjersås
Contact me by email to get the fotocopy

2004-01-25, 06:39
Svar #4

Chuck Mäki

Just got an email from Sven so he's not lost after all  and I've mailed the fotocopies to him.
This all came about because a volunteer at Swenson Swedish Immigration Center had completed making a card index of the membership roll of the lst Lutheran Chuch at Galesburg, Illinois.
So I salute that unnamed person for their years of work!




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