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Författare Ämne: Jacobsson brothers, Bengtsviken  (läst 242 gånger)

2002-08-18, 14:02
läst 242 gånger

I want to make a request for some missing emigrants.They are the sons of Jacob Hansson in Bengtsviken Dals ED (Sweden) dead 9 sept 1900 andhis wife Maja Lisa Bryntesdotter dead 1 jan 1865  
Jan Magnus Jacobsson *28/6 1850 to Norway 13/101872  
Karl Henrik jacobsson *29/1 0852 to north Amerika 23/3 1882  
Emanuel jacobsson *11/12 1855 to north Amerika 23/3 1882  
Does anyone know what happened to them??

2003-09-28, 17:18
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Utloggad Judit Hansson

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I try once again,Now I know that the Jacobsson brothers mentioned above left Kristiania (Oslo). 1882-04-21, Karl H and Emanuel, went whit the ship Argo, they were in their way to Mineapolis. 1882-03-07 left a Magnus Jakobsson whit the ship Rollo, he was on his way to Bratford,; Does anyone know what happened to them?
And Where is Bratford, somehow it sounds more like England than US?
Judit Hansson

2003-09-28, 18:11
Svar #2

Anders Andersson

I'm not sure, but I think queries for the fate of Swedish emigrants destined for the United States are better placed in a different section of Anbytarforum. If you know that your relatives were going to Minneapolis, I suggest trying Länder: USA: Delstater: Minnesota rather than this forum, where a query such as yours is easily lost among those seeking their Swedish origin.
Maybe Bratford is a misspelling of Bradford? It still looks British, I think.

2003-09-28, 20:24
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Utloggad Judy Olson Baouab

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Hi Judit,
Some places have disappeared (become ghost towns) since our emigrants lived there, so maybe there once was a Bratfort, but a look in a modern atlas reveals there are currently places called Bradford in these locations:
Ontario provice in Canada
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
Here are some counties called Bradford.
Bradford county in Florida
Bradford county in Pennsylvania
There is also a Bradford Mountain in Connecticut.
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Lycka till!

2004-10-26, 21:28
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Utloggad Judit Hansson

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One more try..
I found one  CARL H JACKOBSON dead  10/04/1908 in Hennepin county, Minnesota,
How can I go on in order to find out if this is “My Karl Henrik”(death certificat  1908 MN 017952). How much information is on the death certificat, is it worth paying for?
I hope someone can help me out. Judit Hansson




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