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Författare Ämne: Sophia Anna Svenson: född June 11, 1867 (Vastra Ootland, Gussenberg)  (läst 1348 gånger)

2002-11-23, 10:42
läst 1348 gånger

Donna Jojnson

Can you help me please? An elderly family member, now deceased, told me to look here for our missing Svensson family. I have no idea where this is! I am looking for: Sven Magnusson-parents Magnus & Lena Ross. Sven was born about 1831. He married in 1860 Anna Sophia Svensson, born 1830. They had 1 known daughter- Sophia Anna Svensson born July 11, 1867. Thank you for any help you can give to me.

2002-11-23, 14:55
Svar #1

Donna Johnson

More...Sophia Anna came to the U.S. before October 1893 as that is when she married here in the U.S. Also, her parents Sven & Anna came to the U.S. at a very old age. They came in 1900 so states out cencus. This is all I have! I hope you can help me. Thank you.

2002-11-23, 16:31
Svar #2

Siv Johansson

Hey Donna.
Have you tried, there you can find al passangerlist recorded. Good Luck. If you can?t find them there, do you know where they lived i Sweden? The more information you can give about them, the easier it will be to help you.
Regards Siv

2002-11-23, 19:14
Svar #3

Stefan Andersson

Hi Donna!
The Vastra Ootland, Gussenberg you wrote as subject, is that what your relative told you that they should have come from?
It might be 'Västra Götaland, Gothenbourg' that she said?
Best regards,

2002-11-24, 03:35
Svar #4

Donna Johnson

Hello Siv & Stefan,
Thank you for your help. I have tried Ellis Island & did not come up with a hit.  :-(
It was definately Vasta Ootland & Gussemberg.  I do have yet another clue as to the family history ( I forgot I had this...sorry).
Vigselregister Halland; Vigda i Vessige; Datum 1858-01-04;kommun: Falkenberg; Härad: Årstad;Källa: Vessige C:3; Sven Peter Magnusson Dräng ort: Wäby Lassagård; Anna L Bengtsdottor Pigan ort: Sylagård. Övrigt: Lysnings Charta 12 skilling.
   Anna's last name is different, however, she may have used the same last name as her daughters when she came to the U.S.?? I think the key to my puzzle will be finding out if they had a daughter Sophia Anna born on: July 11, 1867. I hope this will help some. Thank you very much.

2002-11-24, 10:25
Svar #5

Utloggad Lena Thelin

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Hello Donna,
I found on the Census 1890 for Hallands län and Wessige parish
Sven Petter Magnusson born 1829 in Wessige parish
his wife Anna Lena Bengtsdotter born 1833 in Wessige parish
Sven Albin born 1876 in Wessige parish
They where not at the census for 1900.
I couldn't find Sophia though.
best regards

2002-11-24, 13:40
Svar #6

Jan Ek

Looks to me your quest is not at all impossible, IF Sven Petter Magnusson and Anna Lena Bengtsdotter are indeed your ancestors? A few things don't match; Sven's birthyear 1829 instead of 1831, and of course her name Anna Lena instead of Anna Sofia. There could be possible reasons for that though, like Sven being married twice?
I think there are two roads ahead; one is piecing the whole history together for the family in Wessige you know existed, to see if emigrations and children match. That can be done from church record microfiche cards at a Family History Center in USA, or by someone in Sweden.
The other road would be to try finding death certificates in USA collaborating on the relations. These documents CAN be wrong sometimes though; since records rely on what the informant or next of kin at the time of death can tell about the deceased. I have so far only experience from finding death certificates in Minnesota, where this is relatively easy. Almost all years in 1900 are available and indexed.
Not finding Sofia Anna at Ellis Island is probably because she came before those records start 1892. Most likely before 1890 even, explaining why she isn't in the 1890 Swedish census. Don't forget though there are other routes into US than Ellis Island, NY.
Other genealogists with more experience than I might see faults in this reasoning and also other roads ahead.
Good luck,
Jan Ek

2002-11-24, 13:59
Svar #7

Donna Johnson

Thank you everyone for your help. Unfortunately, I don't have any other information other than what I have printed. His death certificate stated they THOUGHT he was 82 when he died in 1913. Also, our records back then only listed Sweden as the place of birth.I do not think this is the right family. I think they also had another daughter...Mathilda Charlotte. I guess I will try a few other places to look. Thank you again.

2002-11-24, 14:42
Svar #8

Peter Karlsson (Peterk)

I found an older couple who exactly fit your mentioned year of birth, they lived in Levene parish in the province of Västergötland.. The surname Svensson was of course her married name - the only little 'maybe' is that her name is only 'Anna' - but I don't think this is a big problem here.. (However I believe this is the only couple with theese names and years of birth all over Sweden in 1890..)
Levene moder församling [1890]
Sven Magnusson f. 1831 Levene moder  
Hemförsamling: Levene moder
Hemort: Skattegården Håkantorp
Kontrakt: Barne
Län: Skaraborg
Födelseår: 1831
Födelseförs: Levene moder
Yrke: Lägenhetseg.
Civilstånd: Gift (G)
Kön: Man
Famstkod: Far/man (F)
Hushåll nr: 301
SVARvolym: 000298  Kort nr: 12
Sida: 25  Rad: 2
Sven Magnusson f. 1831 Levene, Lägenhetseg.
Anna Johansdotter f. 1830 Håle (also in Skaraborgs län)
I also believe that the daughter Sofia Anna ('Anna Sofia' more probably) has left before 1890, as it's hard to find her.. The name is common and there is some girls with the right name.. The closest is a piga (maiden) in the parish of Synnerby: Anna Sofia Svensdotter born 1867 in Skånings-Åsaka parish.. This is also in Västergötland but not so very close to the parish of Levene that we can be sure that she is connectet to this couple above. (Most often you are born in the parish where you find the parents - but of course even the parents could have been moving around..)

2002-11-24, 17:25
Svar #9

Lotta Nordin (Lotta)

Hi Donna!
In the Emigranten CD I found a Sven P Magnusson, 73, who emigrates from Veringe (I suppose it should be Vessige) in Halland Oct 20 1902, from the port of Gothenburg to Port Alleganny in Pennsylvania.
His son Sven Albin Svensson emigrates Sept 15 1893 to New York. It seems to be the ones Lena found in 1890 Census.
I can't find any other Sven Magnusson that fits the age, area in Sweden and time of emigration. And I can't find his wife or daughter.  
Do you know where your ancestors lived in the States?  
Best regards

2002-11-24, 18:05
Svar #10

Karin. A. Björkholm. (Karin)

'Någon' Sven A Svenson, 17 år från Sverige, reste (också) till Allegheny, Pennsylvania enl. båten GERMANICs passagerarlista september 1893.
` Karin B.

2002-11-24, 18:16
Svar #11

Karin. A. Björkholm. (Karin)

2002-11-24, 18:17
Svar #12

Lotta Nordin (Lotta)

2002-11-24, 18:48
Svar #13

Karin. A. Björkholm. (Karin)

och enl. stavades efternamnet inte Magnusson utan Magnuson.
N.B.  Sven P Magnuson.
Karin B.

2002-11-24, 19:31
Svar #14

Utloggad Eva Dahlberg

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Hi! There are over 900 Anna Sofia leaving Sweden before 1894 according to the CD Emigranten, and only one Sofia Anna - last name Hammar and some Sofia A (the order Anna Sofia has a better ring to it, she may still have been called Sofia and just changed the order of the names when she came to the US, I have a Nils Oskar who became Oscar Nels in the US as Oscar was the name he went by- Swedes may be called any of the first names they have, it's not first name - middle name - surname).
There are several Anna Sofia with a last name that starts with Sven on the cd, no obvious match.
You need to be able to pinpoint her better, as you can't search the CD by birth dates, only age which sometimes is of by a year or two.
Have you checked if she belonged to a Swedish-American church in the US (and please tell us where she ended up ...:-) )? Those records often give parish of birth in Sweden (if not her, maybe her parents or siblings?).
I also find the last name Ross for Sven's parents a bit unSwedish. You probably need to find your Sophia Anna before you can find her parents and grandparents. The Ross-connection is far to uncertain at the moment when you have no source indicating who they actually were.
The CD Emigranten doesn't have full coverage of the emigrants from Sweden either, so they may not be in there at all. There actually is a database originating from the clerical surveys, which may be searched by birth dates, but that is not publicly available. They have it at the Swedish Emigrant Institute in Växjö. I see you have posted on Sweden Genealogy Forum already and there you see a Swede who does quite a few lookups there from this database (EMIBAS) as he is one of the few who has access to the database as he was one of its developers I believe. I thought he would have answered you. There is no one monotoring this forum that seems to have access to this database.
On Sweden Genealogy Forum you state that she married in Sweden under your request on Sven Magnusson? That's not what you say here and in your request on her on that forum.
I also tried the Cd Emigranten for the possible sister you name on Sweden Genealogy Forum and for the husband, but I seem to find 'nada' of interest.
I think that maybe you should post there again, under your initial question, stating that the CD Emigranten have been searched without luck by others. Also make clear that it's June 11 1867 she was born, to a Swede your information looks like Nov 6 ... :-) And make sure you know where they married. Try to be as exact as possible with the facts you actually have, and state other (and possibly conflicting) facts as unsure or hearsay or whatever, to avoid setting the search on the wrong track.
Also try to wash out everything from your American sources on Sofia, her husband and her parents and come back here and tell us. We'll do what we can to help!
kind regards,
Eva Dahlberg

2002-11-24, 22:37
Svar #15

Jan Ek

Ross could be an americanized version of Ros (soldiers name?)?? Just a thought. . .
Like Eva I think just now there are a little too many conflicting bits of information to really know where to continue any search. How is the earlier stated piece of information on parents marriage (vigselregister Halland 1858) verified? By any document kept through the years by the family, or is it later times guesswork? Sort out the odds and ends and start what is definitely certain, that is probably the best advice.
Regards, Jan

2002-11-25, 02:44
Svar #16

Donna Johnson

Thank you every one for your help and advice.
Perhaps I should start all over?
  Known facts: Sophia Anna Svenson: born July 11, 1867 in Sweden. She was married here in N.Y in 1893.Her parents: Sven Magnuson died in N.Y in 1913. (I can't find place of burial, but I know where he died. Death certificate states he was thought to be around 82 years old; His parents are listed on the certificate as: Magnus & Lena Ross).  
  I cannot find any information on Sophia's mother other than - family Bible states death as 1912. I cannot find where she died at to gather more information which would only give parents names & place of birth...Sweden (no city or town).
   Our N.Y State cencus shows them as living about 30km. from here in 1910. The cencus states that they were married in 1860, came to the U.S. from S.W. Sweden in 1900, Sven was 79 & Anna was 80.
  As I stated elderly family member tried to say where they came from. Unfortunately, they have passed on & I no longer have access to more information.  :-(  
  I guess I will have to gather more information here in N.Y as Eva stated. Thank you again for all your help. It is GREATLY appreciated!  

2002-11-25, 04:58
Svar #17

Utloggad Judy Olson Baouab

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Hi Donna,
I have done some research in New York state since I had ancestors living in Jamestown, New York.  
Many very helpful records have been microfilmed and can be obtained through Family History Centers.
For example, I have found very good information on marriage applications, including the parish of birth in Sweden, names of parents, etc.
I have been able to find some cemetery records with useful information on the cause of death, etc.
There are STATE censuses for New York state in different years from the U.S. Federal Censuses. The census in 1910 was not a state census but rather a federal census. The state censuses were taken in many years. The most recent ones were taken in 1875, 1892, 1905, 1915, and 1925.Federal censuses in the same time period were taken in 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930. A year of immigration was listed in the federal censuses for 1900-1910-1920-1930. The state censuses from New York asked how many years they had lived in the United States in their questions for 1905, 1915, and 1925.
Ages are given in those censuses, so you can estimate a year of birth. The 1900 federal census asked for the month and year of birth. These questions might not always be answered the same on each census, so check as many as you can. You will probably see a pattern developing.
I have checked out Swedish-American church records at the Swenson Center (and you can do the same or pay them to research for you.) If they joined one of those churches, the parish in Sweden, exact birthdate, year of immigration, etc. are listed, and even nonmembers had baptisms, confirmations, marriages, funerals, etc. performed in the church.
The Swedish-American newspapers give obituaries which often are far more detailed than the same obituaries in English language newspapers.
Check out all the links at this site for the Swenson Center. There is a lot to access if you use their services.
You didn't mention where they lived in New York but each county probably has historical societies and genealogical societies which have books, journals, special materials, etc. which might be your only chance to learn the parish they lived in while in Sweden. I have found that sort of information in other historical societies in other places, and I see no reason why that wouldn't be available in New York too.
Good luck!

2002-12-16, 09:39
Svar #18

Peter Karlsson / anbytarvärd (Peter)

This Anna Sofia is now found.. She was from Flohult in Sätila parish, Västergötland.
(See Anbytarforum: Landskap: Västergötland: Socknar: Sätila).

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