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Författare Ämne: Olsson, Olof and Carl - Karlskoga Örebro, emigrated late 1868  (läst 497 gånger)

2002-01-12, 15:14
läst 497 gånger

Byron Wilson

Olof Olsson born March 6, 1848 and brother Carl Olsson born October 30, 1850.  Both emigrated together to the USA leaving Karlskoga parish November 6, 1868.  Emigrant numbers 1868-074 and 1868-075.
These men are the brothers of my great grandfather Anders Olsson. Would like any information about their port and date of departure from Sweden and their destination in the USA. Hope to find any living descendants of these men here in the USA.  My great grandfather Anders Olsson changed his surname to Wilson and these men might also have changed their name.

2002-01-13, 13:53
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Utloggad Lennart Fag

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Hi Byron,
In the CD Emigtanten 2001 I found the following:
Carl Olsson, 19 years old from Karlskoga left Gothenburg in April 23, 1869 with destination Moline. He travelled together with Olof Olsson, 20 years old, also from Karlskoga and with the same destination. Source code 1:182:498.
Do you think they are th brothers of your great grandfather?

2002-01-13, 19:51
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Anette Rosberg

Hello Byron,
why not get in touch with Kjell Nordqvist, who has done a lot of research about emigrants from Karlskoga. Perhaps he can help you.
Web site:
Anette Rosberg

2002-01-14, 13:38
Svar #3

Byron Wilson

Greetings Lennart and Anette,
Thanks for the quick responses.  Lennart, yes it certainly seems likely.  Too much coincidence for otherwise.  Anette, Kjell has already sent an e-note saying he will verify the names and dates.
This forum is really the greatest. You all are the most helpful. My German ancestors are much less so!
Thanks again, Byron Wilson

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