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Författare Ämne: August Emil Johnson  (läst 578 gånger)

2002-01-23, 07:40
läst 578 gånger

Mary Jane

I have traced my great grandfather and grandmother back to Sweden by information from a census here in the US. Some information that I have received from my cousin lets me know they changed their surname when emigrating. I have a lot of information and surnames but I do not know what goes with what. A relative who has passed has many names and places jotted on paper and I am having problems putting them together. If anyone can help me with the following information I would greatly appreciate it. Also can anyone tell me how to get this CD called ?migranten that I have noticed everyone is researching from?
Great Grandfather's Name in US:
August Emil Johnson - Also known as Gust Johnson
born 1865
Emigrated in 1890 and was Naturalized in 1892
Died: 1947 in Sioux City Iowa
Great Grandmother's Name in US:
Anna Christine Johnson
born 1865
Emigrated in 1890 with ggrandfather
Died: 1918 in Sioux City Iowa
The Surnames that have been noted are as follows:
GGrandfather's side lists:
Father's name: John Peter Magnusson
Mother's name: Eva UNKOWN
Surnames Johansson and Tunborg are listed with my ggrandmother's name. Also she had a sister Tillie (last name unknown) and a brother Charles Tunborg.
August and Anna had three children who emigrated with them, one was a twin of Carl who died on the boat on the way over
Ernest Johnson - born abt 1887
Carl Johnson - born btwn 1889-1890
They had 2 children here: Mildred Johnson born 1892 in McPherson, Kansas and Lulu Johnson born 1895 in Sioux City, Iowa.
Locations noted are: Morlunds or Meerlands (?) County Seat of Kalmer and Hultsfred.
August also had two brothers that emigrated with them: Fred and Oscar
Fred changed his surname to Peterson (? not sure on spelling) and Oscar changed his surname to Sunlief.
Please, anyone who can give me direction or information on my line of relatives would be greatly appreciated. I know if I can get a handle on them in Sweden I will find an entire new family.
Thank You,

2002-11-01, 15:28
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Utloggad Pernilla Bollman

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It looks like they might have come from Mörlunda parish, which is in Kalmar län (county) and not very far from Hultsfred. Maybe you have already found this out?  
You should try this link: which is the Mörlunda-Tveta local history association.  
On the left there is a menu where you choose Utvandrare (emigrants), and then click Mörlunda. There you will find all emigrants from Mörlunda between 1857-1934. The lists are organized according to names of farms and villages within the parish. Under the letter Å, and the place called Åkerö, there are two persons who might be the ones you are looking for: worker August Emil Jonsson born 1864, left Mörlunda on Oct. 1st 1889 (alone) and Anna Kristina Johansdotter who left with two male children on April 18th 1890 (no birthdate, and hushåll means household).  
Regards, Pernilla

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