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Författare Ämne: Understanding names  (läst 440 gånger)

2012-05-11, 21:49
läst 440 gånger

Utloggad hawk

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This may be a very stupid beginner question but, I am a beginner.   I have done some English genealogy and I wonder about the possibility of tracing lineage in Sweden when I read that people could take upon them any name the wanted.  How then can it be possible to track families down or even individuals if the change their names upon reaching adult age?

2012-05-11, 22:07
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Utloggad toveschultz

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I actually has that exact same problem but I live in Sweden... that is a really good question!

2012-05-11, 23:38
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Utloggad stiker

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Usually the old surname is stricken beside the new family name in the the household exam records. (AI:X)

2012-05-11, 23:38
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Utloggad gunnarh

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As a matter of fact, it is quite easy (when learned). There are books with everyone listed, and each thing that happened to them, not only counting every 10th year or so. You just find one person one year in one place. Then you can easily track down everyone, as far as the books still exist (some are destroyed in fire accidents). Well, there are some difficulties with the bigger towns, where so many people moved in and out.
What is a litte irritating is that the books are not yet accessible in internet without a fee. And, of course, everything is in Swedish. Or a little Latin.

2012-05-12, 11:45
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Utloggad mod_usa

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A couple of sources to study (previous hints from user Ingela Martenius):
Swedish naming practices here:  Names.
This is a rather good booklet on doing research in Swedish genealogical records:  Swedish Genealogy.  
It's geared towards American genealogists, so I think you'll find it useful.

2012-05-21, 11:45
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Utloggad hawk

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I read the link on names and read about names in your Swedish Roots but I still saw no explanation that mentioned a daughter adding sson to her fathers first name.  
How common was that?
What would be the reason?
This really has nothing to do with finding someone or confirming identity.  I am just curious since it seems to contradict the naming system as explained in what I read.  My g-grandmother daughter of Adam Jonsson, went by Selma Adamsson ???

2012-05-21, 12:56
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Utloggad bojoha

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In the transition period between patronymics to inherited family names at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, some girls got the same surname as their brothers, for example all Sven's children used the surname Svensson, both boys and girls.
// Bo Johansson

2012-05-21, 14:02
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Utloggad hawk

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Thanks for that info.  Obviously I saw it in this case but I read many pages on Swedish Names and no one ever ever addressed females adding sson to their father's first name.  I have to say that the entire Scandinavian patronymics naming system is one of the most difficult things to get your head around if you are not used to it.  I like everything to fit clear concise little rules.  I just try to imagine conversations where people sat around discussing what they wanted their name to be and deciding on what they liked best and everyone picking their own variation   Hard to comprehend when you are from the system that says, You don't like your name, toooo bad, you are stuck with it for life.  

2014-01-06, 21:54
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Utloggad mod_english

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En post rörande en David Molin borttagen av moderator på grund av otillåten dubbelpostning.
Dessutom är denna tråd inte avsedd för efterlysningar av specifika personer/familjer, utan  
för generella frågor kring svenska namn.




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