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Författare Ämne: Clarification of relationship  (läst 477 gånger)

2012-05-28, 02:21
läst 477 gånger

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Ronneby Blekinge Births/Baptisims C:8 (1801-1824) image 313, page 613.  
Entry for birth of Ola (oäkta)....Marta Hakansdotter is the mother but what do the words say about the relationship of Petter Hakansson to Marta.......parents, brother?
Since Ola was called Ola Olsson for the rest of his life can I assume that an ola was the father?  If Ola used the last name of Olsson did that indicate the father admitted paternity?        Thanks so much.

2012-05-28, 07:26
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It was common that a brothers wife or a parent carried the child to christning. My conclutions is that Petter was a brother to Marta. I say this because they have the same lastname.
Some Ola was the father, the mother knew and maybe the priest, if Ola had admitted the paternity sometimes it shoud have been written in the baptism book. Sometimes the mother summons the father to court. Those records is called saköreslängd. My english is poor. But I hope you understand what I mean anyway.
Good luck in your genealogy.

2012-05-29, 00:55
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Utloggad gwendolyn

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Suzanne Wernersson:
Thank you for your answer.  I understood it perfectly.

2012-05-29, 00:55
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Utloggad judy_olson_baouab

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Suzanne, your English is excellent! You are perfectly understandable and your grammar is good. You certainly have better English writing ability than we have Swedish writing ability.
It is best if you do not assume anything. We can form an hypotheses and research to prove or disprove that hypothesis.  
If a child used Olsson as a last name, perhaps the father was Ola or perhaps he was an Olof or Olaus, etc.
I can't find the article by Elisabeth Thorsell which gave ideas on how to try to find the father of an unknown child, but it doesn't seem to be online anymore. However, there is an article which tries to do the same thing on the Family Search Wiki. Swedish_Records
Baptism witnesses were often connected in some way to the parents, especially if they came from a different parish to be the witnesses. However, I have found that I need to know the family a few generations back in some cases to know how the witnesses connect to the parents.  
(Meddelandet ändrat av Judy Olson Baouab 2012-05-29 00:56)

2012-05-29, 21:58
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Utloggad gwendolyn

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Thanks for your input.  I did look up the FamilySearch site you suggested and found it to be more informative than the information I had in my book Your Swedish Roots.  And your point about witnesses was also a solid point I will keep in mind.

2013-01-20, 22:58
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Utloggad eileen

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I am a bit puzzled as to the relationship of a gentleman shown on a birth document as it is not the previously known father of the child.  
 It is entry #69 for a Karl Gustof Walderman from    Torsås C1:11 (1876-1894) Bild 288 (AID:v41154.b288, NAD: SE/VALA/00385)
Household examination shows she was married to a different gentleman in 1885 and is still living with him.    
Family starts on line #14 from Torsås Alla:4 (1898-1907) Bild 36/sid 890
Also is the source information given for the second record enough for you to find the record easily, or should I always state more as in the first record?
Thank you so much
Eileen in Canada
I apologize, as I took a 2nd look and now realize I was reading the name of the father below mothers name instead of above.  Everything is fine after all.
(Meddelandet ändrat av Eileen 2013-01-20 23:55)




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