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Författare Ämne: Oskarshamn Quarter Malmen #421  (läst 392 gånger)

2013-07-19, 21:54
läst 392 gånger

Utloggad Gwen Stuler

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My great-great grandparents lived in Oskarshamn @1860-1918 in Kvarteret Malmen #421A (per the 1890 Swedish Census and the Property Length Register AD AIIb:2 image 98). Can someone tell me where would this area be located, generally speaking,  on a modern map of Oskarshamn? I can't seem to locate a map from that time period.
Thank You

2013-07-21, 09:39
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Utloggad Gerd Forsblad Krig

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Can you give more information about the family?  
MVH Gerd

2013-07-25, 16:47
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Utloggad Lina Libell

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Hi Gwen.
I think I have found Malmen 421A in Oskarshamn for you. According to Oskarshamn municipality's homepage the old market town was divided into six parts: Malmen, Småland, Vikingen, Herkules, Najaden, Neptun and Triton when it was mapped in 1845 with lots numbered from 1 to 435. Malmen covered the hilly areas north of the harbour and the stream Döderhultsbäcken.
On the site historiska I found a town map of Oskarshamn from 1887 complete with house lot numbers. EG&nbOfImages=352&sd_base=lm08&sd_ktun=0002oj5y You'll find lot 421A on the third image, with one house on the corner of Borgmästargatan and Kalmargatan and two outbuildings at the back of the lot. I'm not sure that the streets had been built yet as both neighbours had houses pencilled in outside of their lots. The shoreline is also pencilled in way above the present Strandgatan.
Today the parts of Malmen where your family lived is an industrial estate, the buildings on Google street map are built in the style of the early 1900s.
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2013-07-26, 01:24
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Utloggad Gwen Stuler

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Dear Lina:
Thank you so much for the information....very helpful.  I could not open the specific site you quoted but perhaps I can get onto the web site itself and see if I can get a map or purchase one.
I have a picture of the house at 421A taken in @ 1924 which shows it in the industrial estate you mentioned.  Be glad to share if anyone wants it.
Again, many, many thanks.




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