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Författare Ämne: Typing Swedish Alphabet  (läst 1191 gånger)

2012-05-12, 02:27
läst 1191 gånger

Utloggad Barry Hill

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Any tips on where to find instructions on typing the letters with the special marks above them?

2012-05-12, 02:34
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Utloggad Barry Hill

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2012-05-12, 04:40
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Utloggad Judy Olson Baouab

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2012-05-13, 02:25
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Utloggad Janet Carlson

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It true that foreign letters and symbols can be created by using the ASCII equivalents.  An easier way to type these is to enable your computer's alternate keyboards.
Alternative keyboards are accessed by clicking on the Languages  icon on the computer's control panel and then on “change keyboards”.  Pick Swedish out of the drop-down menu, click OK.  Choose the option of having it appear in your task tray, and click apply.  “En” should appear in your tray.  When you click on it, it gives you an option box for choosing either “En” for English or “Sv” for Swedish.  You can toggle between the two languages at any time.
To obtain the symbols on the lower right side of the Swedish keyboard keys, hold down the ALT key at the same time.
 Some keys are in different locations; others, like the key to the left of “z” or to the right of “Ä”, are not on an American keyboard at all.   You may want to experiment with these to get used to using them.  
 There are also clear keypad stickers available to put on your keys as a visual reminder of what's where.
This website will give you a copy of the keyboard layout.
Hope that helps.

2012-05-23, 13:12
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Utloggad Tord Påhlman

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For typing here in Anbytarforum you use the special Swedish/Danish/Norwegian/(German/French) letters appearing on top of the Message text box were you type your message. Just click on the letter and it will be inserted.

2012-05-25, 06:09
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Utloggad Berith Hemmingberg

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  • Senast inloggad: 2018-07-20, 12:30
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You can use ASCII-code
Å = Alt + 143
å = Alt + 134
Ä = Alt + 142
ä = Alt + 132
Ö = Alt + 153
ö = Alt + 148

2012-07-31, 13:46
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Utloggad Stefan Magnusson

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  • Senast inloggad: 2017-01-07, 23:46
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When I worked in the US I had to use an American keyboard, and I utilized MS Office's auto correction funtionality. I assigned `ue for ?, `aa for å, `ae for ä and `oe för ö. Worked automatically in both Excel and Word for both upper and lower case letters.




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