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Författare Ämne: Swedish Deaths Index CD, occupation look-up.  (läst 795 gånger)

2012-02-02, 12:23
läst 795 gånger

Utloggad David Nilsson

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  • Senast inloggad: 2013-04-24, 05:34
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Please can anyone tell me, if the Swedish Deaths Index CD/DVD can be searched by only occupation, without using a person's name?
E.G. I know an old relatives occupation [rope-works factory owner],  
and that they probably died in the second quarter of 1957 [but maybe as late as August,
or as early as late 1956].
My big problem is, that I dont know their name, sex, age, or where they lived.
Grasping at a straw, I'm hoping that surely there wouldn't be very many rope-works owners dying in 1957,  
and their relatively rare occupation would pinpoint the one right away.
Any help or pointers most appreciated, David Nilsson.

2012-02-02, 15:39
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Utloggad John Bentley

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The bad news is that the death index does not show occupation, but does show name, and places/dates of birth/death and some marriage details.  
I see your profile says you are in fact looking for two named Gustaf Edvard Nilsson, and the name combination seems (surprisingly) quite unusual. Were they repslagare?  To find them in Stockholm, you can find burials at and some occupations are shown once you have the name.  It is the earlier censuses that might help you most since they do show occupations.  I have had a quick look in the 1880 and 1890 censuses which I have on cd with no luck from a quick glance, but the father and son can likely be found with more information. You can try searching all 4 1880-1910 censuses with name and/or occupation on Svar as a best bet, possible on a short time subscription, not expensive.

2012-02-02, 23:34
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Utloggad Lars Edmark

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Hi David,
Searching for Gustaf Edvard Nilsson with that spelling and order of surnames with a year of death between 1955 and 1958 gives two candidates in the Swedish Deaths Index;
Nilsson, Gustaf Edvard
Faktorsgatan 10
Dead 10/25/1958.
Registered in Helsingborgs Gustav Adolf, Helsingborgs kn (Malmöhus län, Skåne).
Born 1/18/1880 in Helsingborgs stadsförs (Malmöhus län, Skåne).
Widower (8/10/1917).
Corresponding parish(es) as of Jan 1, 2010:
Helsingborgs Gustav Adolf, Helsingborgs kn (Skåne län, Skåne)
Parish of birth in the records: Helsingborgs stf (Malmöhus)
Source records: DB, FS / DOR 52-60
Nilsson, Gustaf Edvard
Birger Jarlsgatan 62 Stockholm
Dead 6/14/1955.
Registered in Engelbrekt, Stockholms stad (Stockholms stad, Uppland).
Born 5/26/1876 in Glanshammar (Örebro län, Närke).
Married man (6/28/1903).
Corresponding parish(es) as of Jan 1, 2010:
Engelbrekt, Stockholms stad (Stockholms län, Uppland)
Parish of birth in the records: Glanshammar (Örebro)
Source records: DB, PA / DOR 52-60
Could it be any of them?

2012-02-03, 09:06
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Utloggad Moderator USA

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Thread temp. locked for new postings as sub-topic is not supposed for queries concerning individuals.  
Original poster has been suggested that a transfer will be done. Answer is awaited.

2012-02-06, 14:43
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Utloggad Moderator USA

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After discussions with original poster it's decided to leave thread here ufn,
as place of death and other details are not verified.

2012-02-14, 12:49
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Utloggad David Nilsson

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  • Senast inloggad: 2013-04-24, 05:34
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To John and Lasse.
Please accept my apologies for being so slow in replying. and thank you very much for your help and tips.
There seems to have been a bit of a mix-up.  The ropeworks owner, is definitely neither of my two same-named ancestors in my profile page, as they are my grandfather and great-grandfather.  
The father is a mariner, who may have died not too long before Sep1895, and is most likely the ropeworks owners grandfather.  
The son is most likely the owners uncle, who settled in Liverpool England as a mariner, earlier than Aug 1895.  I don't know if he was a mariner in Sweden, I just expect he would be.
I think the ropeworks owner is my father's unknown cousin [my second cousin], and was probably born around about 1900, give or take 10 years or-so, and could have any surname.
I don't fully trust the accuracy, of the same-named father and son.   So if their details really are incorrect, I would be going down someone else's family tree, wasting mine and every helpers time and efforts.  Because it appears they were both mariners, I suppose there's not much chance of finding them both together in the 1880 and 1890 census CDs [unless seamen were enumerated separately].  I'm eagerly awaiting the 1870 census CD, when the son would be about 4 years old, and theres a better chance of them being together.
Up to now, I've been avoiding asking for look-ups on them.  I'm waiting to see a mention of them or their descendants, in the Bouppteckning records of the unknown owner.  Meanwhile, I'm hoping to get more information on the son for his time in England, from 1895 or earlier, until he died there in London in 1938.  
Because of my slight doubts, I don't want to deliberately ask for census look-ups, but needles to say, if anyone feels lucky, and can afford to risk some time, and easily see them in the 1880 or 1890 census, or the father in a pre-September 1895 death record, then I'll be very grateful to hear from them.  It may even  lead to the owner from their direction, and  a concrete guarantee! that they are my correct ancestors.  
It will be some time before I get broadband to do any quick downloads etc.  My dial-up has recently taken over 3½ hrs to download about 4½ minutes of a 6 minute video then disconnected {again} loosing it all.  The quakes where I am, are understandably making a poor service vary between bad and out.
Many thanks to you both.
David Nilsson.




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