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Författare Ämne: Russian Emigrant roots - Where ?  (läst 676 gånger)

2012-01-20, 15:02
läst 676 gånger

Irmeli Grunau

I am interesting in this subject as I have Russian emigrant roots myself. I also have a Russian surname among my surnames, that has been put into a form of an other language. Think - a person can have eight surnames, if every surname has been translated to an other language according to the place where you life! Just fun??? (I am not quuite sure about that!! Maybe such a person should carry them all in order to show what a mess her/his family is!!! And still more names if you go further than your grandparents!!!)
With Russian emigrant I mean only people who fled the Russian Revolution (1917), the White emigrants. Such people were expropriated all their property and money. In those days Nansen passport was started by United Nations to those who even lacked their identity papers. What I know Russian emigrants were often some kind of upper class people, but they could have foreign backgrounds.
Recently I have understood that not many such people, however, came to Sweden. And in those times there seems to have been a lot of Swedish people leaving their own country for for example to America. England didn't want these people as they faeared the revolution could start there, too (and they might even had some relatives among the emigrants). The family lines to the family background of these people was cut and many used identities that were not their real ones.
There might even be other people interested in Researching their Russian Roots. That would be very interesting if one was able to enter some Russian archives one day.
There is a lot to discuss about this subject. I am also looking for people with such emigrant roots anywhere in the world.

2012-01-21, 10:38
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Utloggad Kjell Nilsson

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I am one of those who would be interested in russian archives.
Kjell Nilsson




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