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Författare Ämne: Court Case, Newspapers, 1873?  (läst 558 gånger)

2011-02-07, 14:41
läst 558 gånger

Utloggad Johnny Lindquist

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How would one find if old newspaper articles existed for a court case that took place in 1873.  I believe the family lived in Höör and that the case was tried in Lund and that it lasted for 6 weeks.  Sven Christian Lindqvist was charged with gravely beating his wife Johanna Persson on January 12 1873 and sentenced to six years hard labor.  The case earned a chapter in the book Kvinnor och Våld (chapter 1).  I'm curious if I may be able to find any more information on the family or if they may have actually published pictures or drawings of the case.  It's not a proud moment in the family history but it seems to have played a part in my familiy's emmigration.  

2011-02-07, 14:51
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Utloggad Chris Bingefors

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Some newspapers are digitalized at
Otherwise all printed matter in Sweden is kept at certain University libraries, notably Kungliga Biblioteket ( or in this case also Lund ( But you would probably have to sit there and go through the local papers.




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