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Författare Ämne: Wedbo härad  (läst 166 gånger)

1999-12-06, 23:35
läst 166 gånger

Christian Andersson

Melissa Jane Springer Robards i Nevada [] skulle väldigt gärna vilja ha hjälp att hitta några av sina svenska rötter:
My mother's side of the family:
Her great-grandparents both came from Sweden.  They settled in Chicago, Illinois, had 11 children, probably all of them in Chicago not Sweden between 1867 and 1889.  Then they moved the family to Lindsborg, Kansas. In my mother's baby book it is written that Charles was born in Sweden 1833, no location given, and Carolina was born in Veboherad Sweden in 1842.  Charles was most likely a 'Carl' or 'Karl' but I've been told the name Gibson is not the original surname.  Carolina's cemetary information states her surname was Johnson and it could have been Johansson.  I am trying to contact some distant cousins here in America that may have more of a clue as to where they could have come from and the correct names.
My mother seems to recall hearing that they met in Chicago after leaving Sweden and were married in Chicago. That means they probably did not come over at the same ship or time.  So I have very little to go on, except that they most likely came across between August 1842 and March of 1867.
I belong to a list of Swedish descent Americans and the concensus was that Veboherad was in Dalsland near the big lake but that it is a name that is no longer used, probably spelled Wedbo härad.  Unfortunately at this time, this is all I know.
If it would help, they were distant cousins of another family: Fritz Oscar and Anna Marie Littoren Carlson. The Carlson family also came from Sweden and settled in Chicago Illinois USA. We always thought they must have come from the same area in Sweden as they were some sort of distant cousins, and probably at about the same time as my g+-grandparents.
Thank you so much!!
Melissa Jane Springer Robards

1999-12-08, 14:36
Svar #1

Christian Andersson

Additional information to the previous inquiry.
Charles J. Gibson was born November 09, 1833 Sweden.
Carolina Johnson was born July 23, 1842 in possibly Wedbo harad, Dalsland.
Maybe this could help.  Thank you so much!
Melissa Jane Springer Robards




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