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Författare Ämne: Info on ANDERS LARSSON (DALBO) born approx 1620  (läst 365 gånger)

2006-02-03, 14:04
läst 365 gånger

Aleasa Hogate

I have traced my family in the USA back to an Anders Larsson (Dalbo) registered on the 2nd Journey of the Kalmar Nyckel that arrived
in New Sweden Colony in 1640. This in now the area of New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania in the Delaware Valley USA, where his descenants including myself still live.
     On the ship's register he is listed as Anders Larsson Dalbo.  This Dalbo surname was used in the colony, later Anglicized to Dolbow.  
     Info I have indicates he sent to New Sweden for punishment of some kind in 1639,was a tobacco planter for Gov Johan Printz, in 1644, a Provost 1647,48, married the widow of Matts Hansson, Elizabeth approximately 1654, was lieutnant of up-river Swedes in 1658 and died approx 1671. However I have not been able to trace who his family was in Sweden.  
     He most likely would have been born between 1615-1620's, possibly from Dalboredden in Svanskog parrish, Dalsland.  
     Anyone with info on this Anders Larsson please e-mail me at or (Also check my web site  
Tak (sorry, this is the only Swedish I know)




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