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Författare Ämne: Valberget near Floda?  (läst 303 gånger)

1999-11-07, 23:21
läst 303 gånger

Peg Schafer

I have been trying to locate a place called Vålberget. Using Expedia Maps, I found a  
place called Vålberget near Floda. Is there someone who has heard of this place?
One of my ancestors was Lars Svensson Pulls who was born at Vålberget in 1744.
His wife was Lisa Jacobsdotter who was born in 1746. The Pulls family is of Finnish descent. I am trying to trace the Pulls family line. I appreciate any information and I apologize for not being able to write in Swedish.
                                                                         Sincerely, Peg Schafer

1999-11-08, 11:15
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Utloggad maxe

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Hi Peg,
there are 26 different Vålberget in Sweden. One of them are located in Floda parish, Gagnef community and Dalarna län. It's located 7 kilometers southsoutheast of Floda.

1999-11-08, 15:07
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Peg Schafer

Hello Jan:
Thanks! I will try searching there. My great-grandfather, a descendant of Lars Svensson,
was born at Domvik, Grythyttan. I do not know if  
Lars Svensson moved to Grythyttan or one of his
children . Thanks again for your help!

1999-11-08, 20:26
Svar #3

Lars Lundell

Hi Peg,
I think I may have found your Vålberget as well as Lars Svensson. According to the book Register till Norra Råda vigsellängder (Register of Marriage Records of Norra Råda Parish), the miner Lars Svensson from Rämsberget married Lisa Jacobsdotter from Vålberget on Oct 19, 1766. In Vålberget there was a miner Jacob Danielsson (1702-1770) who might have been the father to Lisa. There is however no info about any children prior to 1762 when Jacob remarried (he was then a widower). The latter info comes from Familjetabeller för Gustav Adolfs socken 1726-1783 (Family Tables from Gustav Adolf Parish) by Arne Östman.
Vålberget is situated in Gustav Adolf parish in Värmland. On the map, I can only find Vålbergshöjden which probably is the same place. The closest city is Lesjöfors and Vålbergshöjden is northwest of Lesjöfors.
Best regards,
Lars Lundell

1999-11-09, 03:11
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Peg Schafer

Hello Lars:
Thank you for the information. One of Lars Svensson and Lisa Jacobsdotter's sons was  
Jan Larsson born in 1781. He married Maria Ersdotter born in 1785. Also, Lars Svensson's
father was called Sven Larsson. I do not know when he was born. Would this information be  
found in the family records? thanks again! Peg

1999-11-09, 19:24
Svar #5

Lars Lundell

Hi Peg,
As a reply to your question, I would like to add the following to my last message: When Jacob Danielsson was married on Jul 2, 1761 (wrong year in the last message), he came from Rämsberget. He was then a widower and married the widow Britta Larsdotter. They had a son, Daniel, b 3/18/1762.
You write that Lars Svensson was born in Vålberget and his father was Sven Larsson. There is only one Lars Svensson born in Vålberget during the 1740's, according to Familjetabeller..., and he is the son of Sven Larsson (1719-1780) and Kerstin Matsdotter Kemppainen (1718-1778), born on Sep 23, 1745. Sven and Kerstin were married in Norra Råda parish on May 4, 1740 and their other children are: Annika b 9/26/1740, Kerstin b 8/26/1742 d 7/20/1746, Mattes b 9/23/1747, Kerstin b 8/13/1750 buried in Dec 1763, Karin b 5/2/1754, Sven b 11/13/1758 and Lisa b 5/28/1761 d 5/4/1762. As always, you should check the original records for a confirmation. The parish in question is Norra Råda, to which Gustav Adolf belonged (GA started to keep its own records in 1786/1789 and prior to that year, the largest part is noted in the Norra Råda books.)
There is no info about Pulls. The last name of Kerstin Matsdotter, Kemppainen, is Finnish, but I have no info about this family. Maybe contacting Finnkulturcentrum, e-mail:, or posting a query in the Värmland section here in Anbytarforum will give you some answers.  
Unfortunately, there is nothing about the children of Lars Svensson and Lisa Jacobsdotter. Since Lars Svensson came from Rämsberget when he married in 1766 and possibly Lisa Jacobsdotter too (at least originally, if she is the daughter of Jacob Danielsson), they probably settled there. I can only find one Rämsberget, and it is in the province of Dalarna, halfway between Äppelbo and Tyngsjö. There are several places with the prefix, as well as the suffix, räm in this area, so it is possible that this is not the right one. Therefore, there is the problem: to which parish (where you can check the birth records of Lars Svensson's children) did Rämsberget belong? Maybe some other reader of Anbytarforum know this.
I hope that your research has been taken at least a little step further by this information!
Best regards,

1999-11-09, 22:48
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Peg Schafer

Very helpful Lars! My thanks to you! Peg

1999-12-01, 01:13
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Peg Schafer

Hello again:
My question is in regards to the information that Lars gave above. Does anyone know to which parish    Rämsberget belongs to? I would like to know who  
are the children of Lars Svensson and Lisa Jacobsdotter. Thank you again for all of the help.
 Sincerely, Peg

2000-01-06, 13:41
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Ann-Louise Ericsson

Rämsberget can belong to Rämmen, near the village
i hope this information will help you.

2005-09-13, 16:17
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Hello Peg!
Your ancesters is also my husbands ancesters. He is a Pulls. Last weekend we were at Vålberget and searched the place were Kempainen lived from 1703.
We found it with some help from Gustavsfors. It was great. What a view! Theres a while since you wrote here but we hope you see this.




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