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Donna Corlett:
Hi Karin!  Glad to see that you are back!  So what is the town of Umeå like?
Thanks for your in depth certainly affirmed Mats findings and then added even more details!!  Wonderful-as usual!
I know that Eric Edlund will be thrilled...and I still hope to discover just how connected  Edlund's from Aunudsjö really are-is there a relation to my family (or not).  Any suggestions on how to address this?
I would so appreciate your checking into Sigurd's family for me, Karin.  It would just mean the world to him (and me!).
I will await your next (fabulous!) posting...
Kindest regards,

Hi again Donna!
I have a question about Sigurd Edlund. Abraham was his grandfather, right? Who was his father?
I have made reservations to borrow two books from the University library. Skorped and Sidensjö: Familys and Farms and a book which includes  Trehörningsjö and Bjurholm. Maybe I can find something of interest there.
Where in Canada do you live?

Donna Corlett:
Hi Karin!  Yes, Abraham Edlund was Sigurd's grandfather.  Sigurd's father was Abraham Bernhard Edlund (born 1879).  
The children of Abraham Edlund (born 1849)and his wife Kristina Andersdotter (born 1855) were as follows (from the 1890 census-including Sigurd's dad!):
Olof-born 1876
Abraham Bernhard-born 1879
Kristina Eugenia-born 1883
Anders Johan-born 1885
Maria-born 1885  
Jonas Leonard-born 1888
Fridolfva-born 1890
All were born in Trehörningsjö parish...except for Abraham's wife Kristina Andersdotter who was born in Bjurholm parish.  At the time of the census Abraham and his family were living in a place called Lomviken (Trehörningsjö parish).
Also...are Anders Johan and Maria twins?! (born the same year!).  That would be quite interesting as twins run in the family (it seems!)...I am myself a twin!
Sigurd's father Abraham Bernhard emigrated to Canada in 1902...destined to Winnipeg- but eventually settled in BC.  He met and married Maria Johanna Sjöberg (another Swede!-from Bjurholm parish, Västerbotten county) and my ggm's sister!  My ggm was Edla Kristina Hedberg (also formerly Sjöberg).  Alot to tell from there for Sigurd's immediate family in Canada...much tragedy.
Sigurd was thrilled to see the ship list I found listing his father (and his mothers from 1910)as well as the print outs I found from the 1890 census...he is so EXCITED to learn more from Sweden!  He did tell me that he was sure that his father had a brother named Richard...thus I would assume he would of been born after the census, correct?
He also was sure that he got/saw mail from one of his father's sisters (which?!) from Svenskop..he thought that she may have married a man named Persson, Pehrsson (not sure which)...and moved there.
Any other questions?  Please just ask me!  Oh yes, I live in Toronto, Ontario (the mega-city!).
Well, Karin...thanks alot! I truly look forward to your next message- with great anticipation and unlimited gratitude!!
Best regards,

Eivin Wallinder:
Hej Rune!
Sedan jag fått åren då Olof och Karin dog har jag
hittat dem i db för Anundsjö.Olof dog 1821 22/4 i  
fattigstugan,Karin dog 1822 27/7 på Wallen dom gifte sig 1776 13/10.
Hälsn. Eivin.

Donna Corlett:
Hi Karin!  I am so anxious to see what will come of those books you previously mentioned.  I hope to hear from you- as soon as it is possible of course...and that it will be great news (as usual!!).  I can't thank you enough...and just wanted to let you know that.  Your kind efforts are really appreciated-more than you know!
Best regards,


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