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Författare Ämne: Apeldorf / Norbohm married Umea 1757  (läst 437 gånger)

2006-03-17, 08:39
läst 437 gånger

Frances James

I am trying to find information on a Nat. Petrus APELDORF married to Ulrika Althea NORBOHM in Umea, 27 May 1757.
They had a son Jakob born 2 August 1757.
Petrus was a Notarien???    
I am sure this is my ancestor who later appeared in Denmark as a Church tutor/teacher.  
Any information on the family will be much appreciated.
Another family in Umea was the following one.   I am trying to find out if these two families may be related.
 1   APELDORF, Magdelena Dorothea b: Bef. 1780  
.. 2   APELDORF, Carl Gustaf b: 17 March 1805 Umea Lands Vasterbotten Sweden  
......  +MOSSLANDER, Beatha b: 23 February 1803 Vankiva Kristianstad Sweden m: 13 December 1839 in Vankiva Kristianstad Sweden  
....... 3   APPELDOFF, Ida Eugnia Carolina b: 6 October 1840 Vankiva Kristianstad Sweden  
....... 3   APPELDOFF, Aron Frederik b: 19 March 1842 Vankiva Kristianstad Sweden  
.  +WESTERBERG, Jons Fredric  m: 13 May 1810 in Skelleftea Lands Vasterbotten Sweden  
.. 2   WESTERBERG, Frederic Wilhelm b: 1819 Skelleftea Lands, Vasterbotten, Sweden

2006-03-17, 21:07
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Utloggad Stig-Lennart Johansson

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Hi Frances - great site you have  here
I'm sorry I can't help you so much - we'll hope for help from people who know tricky Skellefteå better !...
But I do know that Jacob Apeldorf was born 1757-08-02 in Västerhiske, Umeå, and baptized 2 days later. His father Per is never called ”Nat.” and his year of birth is never noted in Umeå but in Skellefteå it is 1726, although I've not found the exact certificate... He is a ”socken-skrivare” [a /non-church/ parish clerk, especially at court house matters] in Umeå at the time of Jacobs birth but then goes back to Skellefteå in the same profession...
You seem to know Ulrica Dorothea ? but just in case: she was born 1728-03-23 in  Västerhiske, Umeå, and baptized the next day. Her father Jacob Nordbohm or Norrbohm (Nord=Norr, i.e. north) lived in Umeå from 1722 to 1758 as a ”Räntmästare” - a treasurer...  He was born in 1696 and married to Catharina Henning who died around 1750 in Västerhiske (then just outside, now inside Umeå stad). When daughter Ulrika Dorothea marries and leaves Umeå, her father leaves too - but I've not found out where he goes...
Per and Ulrika then live in a village called Tjärn just south of the river and town of Skellefteå with sons Jacob 1757, Fredric 1762-1797, daughters Charlotta 1760 and Stina Catharina who has a daughter Barbro Ulrica in 1786.
But there are also further down with no parents apparent(!) twins Margretha Apollonia and Magdlena Dorothea listed.
And in Skellefteå ”Födelsebok” there is a birth of twins Margaretha Apolonia and Magdalena Dorothea listed 1776-11-12 and baptized the next day with father ”SockenSkrivare Herr Pehr Appeldorf”. No mother mentioned !?! (wife  Ulrica Dorothea is now 48 years of age) ...
So it seems your looked-for relationsship is clear - at least as far as concerning fatherhood ?
Warm Regards StigLennart

2006-03-18, 04:08
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Frances James

Hi Stig,
Many thanks for your reply. You have come up with a wealth of information.   Ill have to get a better map to see all these places.
The website you mention is one by a distant cousin in Tasmania Australia.  3 Appeldorff brothers came from Denmark to Tasmania in the 1870.
So we have a rather large group of us over here.
I got Nat. Pedder Apeldorf from the familysearch website (IGI) so I wasnt really sure if that was right.  I saw the name Petrus Apeldorf (a Notarien)on a webpage for Umea births in 1757.  
Im sure that Pehr's son Jacob is my ancestor, Jacob Appeldorff, sub teacher and tutor in Seden, Odense, Denmark.  In the 1801 census he is aged 44, so born abt 1757.
His first daughter is named Ulrikke Petronella Appeldorff.  Named after Jacobs parents?
Jacob does not appear in the 1787 census in Denmark, so im presuming he went to Denmark after that.  He married in Seden in 1796. All the Appeldorf/Appeldorphs in Denmark appear to be related back to Jacob.
I felt there must be a link between the two Apeldorf families in Sweden, so im glad you have discovered that for me.  
Magdlena Dorothea and Margaretha Appolonia seem to be late babies, a 16 yr gap between Stina Catharina and themselves.   Maybe there were other births in between.
You mention tricky Skellefteå,  I hope its not too tricky.  
I would be very interested if anyone would be able to find Pehr and Ulrikas deaths, or if anyone is connected with either of these families.
Also if anymore could be found on the other family memebers.
Many thanks again,

2006-03-19, 02:15
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Utloggad Stig-Lennart Johansson

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Hi Frances
On Familyseach I can't find any Nat. Peter Apeldorff so I think the Nat. may stand for not Nathanael but Notarie, since everywhere I've met with him he's callled only Peter/Petter/Per...
The children I've found surviving are the ones above:
Jakob 1757-08-02, Charlotta 1760, Fredrik 1762, Christina Catharina 1768 and the late twin MD.
As for Census 1870-1900: none named Ap/p/eldorf/f/; in 1970 none and dead in 1950-2000 none.
So 'a little help from our friends' would be appreciated ? StigLennart




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