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Författare Ämne: Daniel Ros: 14/5/1774 Bohulslän  (läst 385 gånger)

2003-10-31, 14:47
läst 385 gånger

Donna Johnson

I am looking for information on Daniel Ros who was a soldier. I have a lot of his military data and one reference states he was born in Bohulslän. I have not been able to find his birth parish & now have a possible lead.
If a look up could be done to help find Daniel, I would appreciate it very much.
Thank you,

2003-10-31, 19:35
Svar #1

Anne Olsson

Hello Donna,
When was your soldier Daniel born?

2003-10-31, 19:40
Svar #2

Anne Olsson

Hello again Donna,
I've found one Daniel in the census for 1890:
Daniel Ros f. 1854, Soldier
Anna Matsdotter f. 1862
Mats f. 1881
Anna Stina f. 1887
Daniel f. 1889
Home parish: Bjursås
Home place: Sågsbo
Contract: Leksands
County: Kopparbergs
Birth year: 1854
Birth place:  
Birth parish: Bjursås  
Profession: Soldat
Civil status: Married
Sex: Male
His wife Anna Matsdotter was also born in the parish of Bjursås.
Could this be the person you're looking for?

2003-11-01, 02:47
Svar #3

Donna Johnson

Thank you for the look up. Unfortunately it is not the same one. My Daniel was born 14/5/1774. His wife was Elin Svensdotter of Sätila.  
The information on his military records said he was from Bohuslån; other entries said he was from Skaraborg. I thought it was worth the try to find him here. I'm just having no luck so far!
At one time he must have been posted there though.
Thank you for your help.

2003-11-01, 10:01
Svar #4

Anne Olsson

Hello again Donna,
I think I've found your Daniel in our Soldier records:
Daniel Ros
File no: ÄR-00-0220-1806  
Born: 1774  
Company: Älvsborgs regemente  
Squad/district: Håkankila Skattegården  
Parish: Sätila  
Responsible for the records:
Nils-Olof Olofsson
Lars väg 7
515 35 Viskafors
Telephone: +46 33294246
Fee: 20 SEK pr/file + stamped envelope
Look-up help 50 SEK/hour
I hope this helps. Write or call Nils-Olof and he'll send you the record of Daniel. I'll try to find out some more information.

2003-11-01, 15:19
Svar #5

Donna Johnson

I have Daniel's military records and am now trying to go to his naval records in the Gothenburg squadron. The above data only showed him as being from Bohuslän.  
I will post a query at the Källor: Militära rullor section.
I truly appreciate your help!

2003-11-02, 08:36
Svar #6

Anne Olsson

I didn't think you had his parish of birth (Sätila).
Good luck finding him!

2003-11-02, 14:40
Svar #7

Donna Johnson

Hello again. I do not believe that he was born in Sätila as there are no records of this. I have found in all of his other data statements that he was born in Skaraborg & others say Bohuslän. As I said, I am searching every clue that I find.
Thank you again.   :-)

2003-11-02, 17:11
Svar #8

Anne Olsson

OK, I'll let you know if I find anything about your Daniel.

2004-08-17, 16:06
Svar #9

Donna Johnson

I do not have any further information on Daniel as yet, but was wondering if it was possible to look under the section of leaving the parishes to find Daniel?  
I am hoping that may be someplace to find him. I think it may be too much data to search through though. If not, he may have left around 1784 for Göteborg.
Thank you,
Donna Johnson



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