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Författare Ämne: Johan Andersson (Muhlbåck?)  (läst 157 gånger)

2024-06-24, 01:25
läst 157 gånger

Utloggad Robert Carlson

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I think that I may be going down the wrong path.  Johan Andersson was born in Gruvan, Hällefors, Örebro län on 2/23/1738 - Hällefors (T) C:3 (1718-1739) Image 103 (AID: v53300.b103, NAD: SE/ULA/10427).  The parents are listed as Anders Andersson and Kiersten Jansdotter.  Other family trees list Anders Andersson, born 1672 but his death record - Hällefors (T) F:1 (1737-1772) Image 31 (AID: v53316.b31, NAD: SE/ULA/10427) shows that he is married to Marina Matzdotter, who died in 1741.  If this is correct then Kiersten cannot be the mother of Johan, who was born in 1738.

Who are the correct parents of Johan?  Are there any sources that I can view that show his parents?  I do not add people to my tree without some documentation to back it up.  I am beginning to think that everyone else's trees are wrong.

Thank you for your help.

2024-06-24, 14:37
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Utloggad Stefan Gelow

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Well I don´t know how much I can help, but I can confirm what you are saying. Basically, Anders Andersson Junior and Kierstin Jansdotter is certainly the parents to Johan born i 1738, as it says so in the birth records, but the question is what happens with them. There is nothing indicating that the birth records are wrong, but the death record you are referring to about Anders Andersson in 1742 is obviously not the same person. It says, and the same is said about his wife Maria Matsdotter who died the year before, that they were married for 20 years without children, so it is most certainly not the right Anders Andersson. There is also an Anders Andersson in Gruvan who dies in 1746, but that is also not the right one. I have not found a death record for the Anders Andersson who is father to Johan at least up to 1750, so I do not know what happens to him.

It does seem plausible (but not certain since it is hardly an uncommon name) that Kierstin Jansdotter in fact is the widow with that name in Gruvan who remarries in 1750 with Petter Pettersson, but I don´t know what happens to them either. I do not think it is the woman who dies in Grythyttan in 1773 (who seems to be married to an Eric), but that is nothing I can confirm. Maybe she was married three times.

What is clear though is that some of these claims are not correct.

/Stefan Gelow

2024-06-24, 15:36
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Utloggad Stefan Gelow

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Well, it seems some information was not very difficult to find at least.

The family (Anders Andersson and Kierstin Johansdotter) can be found in the communion records for 1738-1749

Hällefors (T) DII:1 (1737-1748) Bild 59 / sid 112 (AID: v63664.b59.s112, NAD: SE/ULA/10427)

It says there (under "nr 15"):
The widow of Johan Junior, dead in 1737
Daughter Caisa
Måg (son-in-law) Anders Andersson
Wife Kierstin Jansdotter

Apparently Kierstin is the daughter of Johan Junior and his wife who died in 1737.Note on the right page of this that Anders Andersson is listed as present last time 1742-09-17. It is rather likely he died then since his wife is further lister in 1743 and onwards, although there can be other reasons someone is not listed (if he was soldier or so, but I don´t think so in this instance). There simply isn't any death record in that period of time, but I would say he likely died anyway late 1742 or early 1743.

Kierstin's mother "the widow of Johan Junior" can be found in death records in 1737 buried 1737-09-04

Hällefors (T) F:1 (1737-1772) Bild 8 (AID: v53316.b8, NAD: SE/ULA/10427)

She is called the widow of Johan Junior and called Kierstin Bengtsdotter. She is further said to have been born in Grufwan in June of 1682 to now deceased Bengt Larsson and his wife Ingrid Nilsdotter. She was 25 when she married Johan Junior and they were married for 26 years with 6 daughters, 3 of whom now is alive, and was thereafter widow for 4 years. Dead 1737-08-22, 55 years old.

Note that the death record just below her is for the first son of Anders Andersson Junior and Kierstin Johansdotter (although her name isn't mentioned here) and he is said to have been born in 1735.

Anders and Kierstin can further be found to have been married in 1734-09-29. Anders Andersson is said to be from Bowijk and Kierstin Johansdotter from Grufwan.

Hällefors (T) C:3 (1718-1739) Bild 123 (AID: v53300.b123, NAD: SE/ULA/10427)

Further info can probably be found. I assume the death records of Johan Junior isn't difficult to find, but I haven't looked for it. The difficulty seems to be to find what happens later with Kierstin for example.

/Stefan Gelow

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